Racebook King Badge – Ride to Success

Embark on a thrilling journey with us and ascend the ranks to become the ultimate Racebook King. This badge is designed to reward our most dedicated bettors for their passion for horse racing. With each bet, you not only get closer to the next exhilarating win but also to unlocking remarkable rewards. Discover the tiers, meet the requirements, and claim your rightful rewards!

🏇 Saddle Sage

Ascend to Wisdom. Your journey starts here, where each bet, leads you towards rewards.

  • Requirement: 30 Bets Placed
  • Reward: 250 Loyalty Chips

As a Saddle Sage, you’re on your way to mastery.

🌟 Stallion Star

Shine with Excellence. This level is for those who have demonstrated their dedication and prowess on the track.

  • Requirement: 100 Bets Placed
  • Reward: 500 Loyalty Chips

Your Loyalty Chips unlock enhanced perks, such as exchanging them for service, buying contest entries, and more.

🧘 Gallop Guru

Embrace the Zenith of Insight. The pinnacle of betting wisdom and strategy.

  • Requirement: 250 Bets Placed
  • Reward: 750 Loyalty Chips

As a Gallop Guru, you embody the spirit of horse racing. Keep making the Racebook your money maker.

Join the Racebook King Club Today

Horse racing presents a great opportunity for you to round up your betting board offering. Here are some reasons to start getting your players into Horse Racing:

  1. There are races year round
  2. The Racebook has no extra cost, it is included in you PPH fee
  3. Players can bet on tracks all over the world
  4. Real time odds and grading
  5. Industry standard wager types
  6. Ability to create a rebate for players as a reward for their loyalty
  7. Limiting exposure with customized profiles by track and wager type

Make sure both you and your players are familiar with the default limits for racetrack payouts: