Racebook solutions

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We specialize in racebook Call Center Solutions, your players will be able to place wager on the largest variety horse betting options and horse race tracks, online or over the phone.

We offer odds from over 80 tracks worldwide.

Call Real Bookie now, and take advantage of our PPH sportsbook and racebook service free for 4 weeks, and let your customers enjoy the best horse betting and racebook experience.

Offer Daily Horse Betting With Real Bookies’ Racebook Solutions

The key to long-term success as a private bookmaker is the ability to develop multiple streams of revenue. Along with sports betting, one of the most profitable ways to make money as a private bookie is through the Real Bookies online racebook.

For more than two decades, Real Bookies has been helping independent bookmakers expand their business through a suite of online gambling software solutions. One of the easiest ways to make more money as a private bookie is taking in daily action on horse races.

The Real Bookies Racebook

Horse racing and betting on those races is a year-round sport that has the ability to boost both weekly cash flow and net profit. Real Bookies racebook software solutions gives your active betting customers fast and easy access to all the action.

With more than 70 North American tracks along with international racing hotspots in the UK, France, Japan, Australia and Dubai, there is always live racing on the board every day of the year.

Your customers can bet on these daily cards using track odds through the racebook as well as any fixed-odds options that are on your sports betting board. You can set up your racebook to feature local tracks along with the biggest racing venues in the country such as Churchill Downs, Santa Anita Park and Aqueduct Racetrack.

Your horse racing book can also take full advantage of this sport’s biggest annual events such as the Kentucky Derby in early May and the Breeders’ Cup in early November. This schedule of events includes major horse races around the world.

Through the use of Real Bookies’ horse betting software, you will always have complete control over available betting options as well as betting and credit limits for the races.

Best of all, the racebook software package is included in your base pay per head plan at no extra weekly cost. This is an excellent way to increase your weekly betting handle and hold on that volume while maintaining your weekly pay per head costs.

Real Bookies only charges one, low weekly per head fee for each of your active customers regardless of their weekly betting volume. By adding an online racebook to the mix, you can develop a whole new revenue stream and profit center that operates on a year round basis. This can be extremely helpful during the slower summer months of the sports betting calendar.

The Real Bookies Racebook Advantage

Based in Costa Rica, Real Bookies has established itself as the premier pay per head bookie services provider in the industry. Owned and operated by sports betting experts, this group also has a world of experience and expertise in all forms of online gambling software.

The proprietary software package for the Real Bookies racebook was developed in-house from the ground up. That same in-house IT staff is continually improving and upgrading this software to stay well ahead of the industry curve.

The Real Bookies racebook would rival even the biggest horse betting sites in today’s marketplace. Your betting customers will appreciate the professional presentation and ease of use your racebook can provide.

Many bookie agents use the Real Bookies racebook as a marketing tool to attract potential customers to their services. You can do the same when it comes to growing and expanding your customer base.

How You Can Make the Racebook Work For You

All race tickets are priced at $2 each, with maximum odds set to minimize the potential for significant payouts and mitigate risk for agents. Essentially, agents are limited in their ability to handle large payouts due to insufficient volume. There are caps on both the odds and the maximum payout per type of bet, with track odds only being paid out upon request.

The primary types of bets include win, place, and show, while more complex options like exacta, trifectas, and pick3 can be disabled upon request. Payouts can vary based on both the specific track and the type of wager.

The default limits for racetrack payouts are as follows: