Real Bookies Actively Increases Both Betting Handle and Hold

Running and managing a successful private bookie business is not as hard as its seems with Real Bookies handling the operational end of things. This pay per head provider has created, built and perfected the right online sports betting software solutions that can take the majority of the guesswork out of the daily, weekly and monthly decision making process.

Real Bookies Can Help You Tailor Individual Betting Options

Based in Costa Rica, Real Bookies was one of the original pay per head bookie services providers for independent bookmakers. The same logistics that enabled offshore sportsbook expansion online were employed in the formation of Real Bookies’ pay per head plan for private bookies.

The main difference between the two are individual bookie solutions that let you cater to a specific customer clientele. For example, the extensive use of individual online player profiles gives you a chance to fully understand each player’s betting strategy as well as their betting traits, habits and tendencies.

You can develop a necessary element of control by setting, monitoring and adjusting betting and credit limits on an individual account basis. You can also market your online betting board to individual betting tastes.

The primary goal is to meet each of your customer’s weekly betting needs. You never want to risk losing even one bet to an option that was not on your board. However, Real Bookies gives you the ability to expand your board while also communicating what you have to offer directly to your entire active betting clientele.

Too many private bookies make the mistake of passively waiting for daily and weekly bets to come in. With Real Bookies’ approach to building a comprehensive betting board, you can actively solicit additional betting volume through extended leagues, markets and betting options.

Reals Bookies Can Help You Increase Volume and Profit at No Extra Cost

You always want to make sure that each of your customers is betting within their means. This is where setting the proper betting and credit limits can keep things in check on an ongoing basis.

However, there are ways to increase your weekly handle and hold on that volume across your entire betting base. Best of all, by increasing both handle and hold without increasing your active betting base keeps your weekly pay per head cost the same.

Real Bookies charges a low, weekly rate of around $10 per active bettor. This fee stays the same whether that active customer wagers $50 a week or $500. As long as the right betting limits remain in place, you can maximize the betting potential of your entire active customer base.

You are still going to generate most of your weekly handle on straight bets utilizing the biggest game’s point spread and total line. Money line odds can also factor in for sports such as baseball, hockey and soccer.

That being said, there is a genuine interest among today’s avid sports bettors when it comes to diversifying that strategy.

Real Bookies gives you the means to offer daily prop bet options for every major betting sport and sporting event. As part of your weekly PPH plan, you can also offer in-game betting through the use of live dynamic lines.

Each of these added options gives you the ability to actively increase both betting handle and hold while maintain weekly PPH costs.