Real Bookies’ Automated Player Reports Enhance Customer Service

The biggest edge that private bookies have over big commercial online sportsbooks is customer service. Today’s avid sports bettors are looking for a higher level of service and that personal attention to detail that a private bookmaker can provide and the commercial books can never match.

Since customer service remains your biggest edge over competition, you need to find ways to enhance this edge. It is next to impossible to properly run and manage an independent sportsbook without some level of automation. That is why the pay per head industry is booming these days.

A quality pay per head bookie software solutions service provides a comprehensive and turnkey way to run your business online. The total cost of this highly efficient online operating system is based on a weekly fee for each of your active betting customers. This is about as fair and efficient as it gets since you are only paying for what you use.

The main thing to keep in mind is that all PPH services are not created equal. Some are clearly better than others, but if you are serious about making a lucrative return as a private bookie, you need to seek out the best. That is why Real Bookies tops the list in the online sports betting industry.

Customer Service and Your Pay Per Head Site

Unfortunately, many per head shops fail to deliver in the overall customer service category. They may employ an outside staff with little or no formal training in the bookmaking industry. They may have major issues with their internal online operating system. Response time to questions, issues and concerns may be slow. There are any number of ways a PPH service can drop the ball dealing with your customers. This is going to cost you money in the long run no matter how low their weekly fees may be.

You should never underestimate the importance of quality customer service in any business situation. Consumers have lost the concept of customer loyalty in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. Patience levels are as low as ever and everyone is caught up in finding the best deal.

The lone exception is great service. This still has a way of negating today’s consumer mindset. This is especially true when it comes to the personal relationship you have already developed with your sports betting customers.

One of the main reasons why Real Bookies remains at the top of the list is a genuine commitment to every facet of interaction with your personal sports betting customer base. From an easy to navigate betting platform to multiple means of communication to quickly resolve any issues that may arise, Real Bookies more than earns their already affordable weekly per head fees.

Real Bookies Has Your Back

As important as it is to have a strong working relationship with each of your betting customers, you still need the right business tools to keep that relationship strong. This is where Real Bookies’ automated player reports can enhance all of your customer service efforts.

These reports offer real time analytics in a number of key areas such as:

  • Player positions
  • Settlement statements
  • Credit and betting limits
  • Player activity reports

These are just a few ways that Real Bookies keeps you way ahead of the curve when it comes to all of your customer service initiatives. This also creates a highly professional approach to running and managing your book. Any questions, concerns and issues that arise can quickly be resolved to your customer’s satisfaction. The ability to properly handle things in a timely fashion is the cornerstone of any world-class customer service team.