Real Bookies Betting Odds

The basis for betting on any sporting event are the posted odds. They create the handicapping difference between the favorite and the underdog. The right betting odds create the proper balance between the two.

If the odds are too favorable one way or the other, they will create an imbalance that could prove to be extremely detrimental to whomever is booking that bet. Whether it is the biggest commercial online sportsbook or a private bookie running and managing an independent bookmaking operation, nothing in this industry is more important than sharp betting odds.

Real Bookies has been helping private bookmakers take their business online for the past few decades. This top-rated pay per head bookie software solutions provider has the experience and the knowhow to help you get your own bookie business off the ground or expand a current operation to a whole other level.

Remember, it all starts with fast and easy access to sharp betting odds for more than 80 different sports. It is all backed up with an operating system that was developed to efficiently run the day-to-day end of the operation. This will allow you, as the business owner, to spend more of your time growing and expanding the bottom-line profits taken in.

The Real Bookies’ Edge

As a private bookie, you should always be looking for an edge against competition. You need to do things bigger, better and faster than the next guy while also having the right business tools to level the entire playing field against the big commercial online sportsbooks you are also competing against.

Real Bookies knows what it takes to create that edge from enhancing your online business presence to expanding your betting board with a steady stream of sharp betting odds. A perfect example of what they bring to the table can be found at This is a posting of the current betting lines and odds that are fully customizable by you as the bookie agent.

You will also have the ability to work directly with the site’s highly trained customer service team to expand your offerings if necessary. It will always be your betting board with the right resources to help you meet all of your betting customer’s needs. You will never have to worry about losing even one of your betting customers because they could not find the betting options they were looking for on your board.

Real Bookies Business Management

Control is a key component of any private bookmaking business. You need the proper real-time business analytics that can always keep you way out in front of the daily and weekly action coming in. Once the betting odds are posted on your board, you also need the ability to quickly move and adjust those lines based on bets coming in from your customer base.

Nobody knows your betting customer’s habits, traits and strategies better than you. This puts you in an excellent position to take advantage of opportunities ahead of time as opposed to sitting back and reacting to an issue or negative situation after the fact. Timely business reports and real-time data allow you to move your betting odds accordingly while making changes to your betting board that best meet your specific business needs. With Real Bookies’ management software tools, making crucial business decisions is always supported with the proper information needed.

Join the Real Bookies Team

Finding the right pay per head bookie software provider will be one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make. This is why you will want to get it right the first time.

Real Bookies remains at the top of the list for a reason in a highly competitive industry. As a major bonus to help make this decision, you can sign up for a four-week free trial as part of the vetting process.