Real Bookies Caters To Your Betting Customers

Too many private bookies focus on pay per head features and benefits that make their online experience easy to use. While it is vitally important to work with bookie software that is easy to navigate, you need to remember that you are basically in the customer service industry yourself. Keeping your betting customers happy should be one of your primary business goals.

Many pay per head sites will promote everything they can do for you, but many sites do not address what they can do for your overall sports betting base. Your primary competitive edge against the big commercial online sportsbooks is the higher level of customer service and personal attention that you can provide. Having a pay per head site with the same mentality towards excellent customer service as a silent business partner can be a major plus.

Real Bookies Customer Service Solutions

Over the past 20 years operating out of Costa Rica, Real Bookies has invested a small fortune developing a customer service team that is both highly experienced and highly trained when it comes to sports betting and online gambling software.

This provides a major advantage for you as a private bookmaker. It is even more important for your customers, who are looking for a seamless and easy way to bet on the games. Old school or high tech, Real Bookies has all the bases covered when it comes to your customer’s online betting accounts.

Wagers can still be placed by phone through a convenient toll-free number. A highly advanced mobile betting platform is also in place to handle bets through a handheld device with internet access. The one thing that both methods have in common is a very high level of reliability.

Operating 24 hours a day and seven days of week, any form of downtime is never an issue. There is also an extremely high level of redundancy built into the operating system that covers the entire online database.

You customers could care less about the nuts and bolts of how Real Bookies delivers excellent service on a round-the-clock basis. However, they care very much about the tools at their disposal to use and manage their online betting account with your bookie service. This level of service remains consistent no matter if you have five active bettors or 500.

The five main services Real Bookies does provide for your customers include:

  • Taking Bets (calls or online)
  • Processing all transactions
  • Recording all transactions
  • Grading betting results
  • Handling all questions and concerns

You could never perform these services on your own to add even more value to the low, weekly pay per head fee you are paying for each of your active betting customers. This service also gives you the ability to personally view each of your customer account’s activity on a 24/7 basis. Working together with Real Bookies, you are in an excellent position to meet and, most likely exceed, all of your customer’s expectations.

Putting Real Bookies’ Customer Service Solutions to Work For You

With an excellent team in place working with first-class online sports betting software, you can use Real Bookies’ customer service expertise as a major selling point for your bookmaking services. While they take care of the day-to-day operational end of the business, you can spend your time building and growing both your customer base and your bottom-line profit.

When you can rest easy that your PPH service is doing their job on a round-the-clock-basis, you can better focus on the tasks at hand for your end of the operation. Real Bookies is that silent business partner with a mutual concern for both short and long-term success.