Real Bookies Delivers Real Results You Can Bank On

The goal of any private bookie is to run and manage an independent bookmaking operation that can deliver financial results that meet and hopefully exceed expectations. It takes proper planning and excellent execution wrapped around hard work and dedication to turn these expectations into reality.

It also takes a committed business partner like Real Bookies. This is a pay per head bookie services company that has already helped thousands of private bookies reach their goals and dreams over the past 20 years. High grades for longevity aside, the high level of industry expertise is this pay per head site’s biggest selling point.

Profit From The Real Bookies’ Edge

Everyone of your sports betting customers is looking for an edge to win more bets than they lose. You are looking for an edge that can increase revenue while also increasing your overall hold percentage and bottom-line profit. Just because someone is looking for an edge does not mean they will find one.

Real Bookies is owned and operated by sports betting experts that also have an extensive background in online gambling software applications. Booking sports bets is one thing, successfully operating an online gambling business in an extremely competitive business environment is another.

You need easy access to advanced technology and sophisticated online software solutions that rival what the big commercial sportsbooks are using to power their online betting sites. Real Bookies has made the proper investment of money, manpower and time in the creation of their proprietary bookie software package. Modeled after the biggest online books, this is a comprehensive online betting system presented in a easy to use turnkey format.

As a private bookie, you do not need to know how the software works. Your only concern should be knowing how to make it work for you.

Adding Value to Weekly Per Head Fees

The average pay per head site tries to sell their bookie service package on price alone. The cheaper the better is the prevalent attitude at this level of the industry. Moving up the list, better sites resort to fluffing up the features and benefits of their package to justify a slightly higher per head fee.

Real Bookies relies on a bookie services package that will move the dial and deliver the results your are looking for. They still offer a very attractive weekly per head fee that will consistently add value to every dollar you spend. It all comes down to the bottom line. Added profit that more than pays for the cost of this PPH service creates a win-win for each side of this partnership.

This is one pay per head site that fully understands that their current and future financial health is directly tied to the current and future financial health of the bookie agents they serve.

Customer-Driven Business Support

The nuts and bolts of any pay per head software is processing all the online transactions that take place daily in a typical bookmaking operation. Beyond that, Real Bookies also takes into consideration the human element of the business.

That is why there is a fully trained staff of account managers, IT professionals, betting experts and knowledgeable customer service representatives ready and willing to provide the business support you need.
Running a private book can feel like a lonely job at times with all the pressure on your back. Having an experienced staff that can help to smooth over the rough patches or put an exclamation points on the successes can make all the difference in the world.