Real Bookies Dynamic Live Lines for In-Game Betting

One of the hottest trends in today’s online sports betting industry is live in-game wagers. There is no better way to add even more betting excitement to all the action on the field, court, track or ice.

The big commercial online sportsbooks rely on dynamic live betting lines and odds to build out their in-game betting boards. Often times, they turn to in-house line setters or external oddsmaking services to fill this need.

Bookie agents operating an independent bookmaking business can turn to Real Bookies to completely level the playing field against the commercial books when it comes to meeting the betting needs of a private sports betting base.

Real Bookies Gives You the Winning Edge

For well over two decades, Real Bookies has been the preferred choice for quality bookie software solutions. Based in Costa Rica, the ownership group behind this pay per head site has evolved from being an industry pioneer to an industry innovator when it comes to the products and services offered.

For less than $10 weekly per active betting customer, you will have instant access to a comprehensive bookie services plan that provides everything you need to run and manage a highly successful and lucrative private bookie business.

The gaming software solutions package is turnkey to implement. You can be taking action from your betting customers online the same day you first sign on with Real Bookies. A dedicated account manager will walk you through the entire startup process while helping you build individual online account profiles for every customer in your base.

Another important part of the process is building out your betting board to ensure that you are meeting (and exceeding) the betting needs of that customer base.

The Real Bookies’ winning edge consists of in-house sports betting experts that work directly with the best external oddsmakers the sports betting industry has to offer. Real Bookies can leverage its vast experience through the various business relationships it has built over the years.

The end result gives you fast and easy access to sharp betting lines and odds. They cover pre-game bets on a wide variety of sports and individual leagues within those sports. Dynamic live lines open the door to a wide variety of in-game betting options on a daily basis.

These live lines are continually updated during natural breaks in the games to reflect what has already taken place. Your betting customers will also have access to ongoing “what happens next” betting scenarios based on a team’s next offensive drive or offensive possession.

Real Bookies Maximizes the Value in Your Pay Per Head Costs

Dynamic live lines that are constantly updated for in-game wagers is just one of the ways that Real Bookies can help you maximize the value in the cost of your weekly bookie services plan.

As one of your biggest costs of doing business as a private bookie, you need to make the most of your pay per head service while also finding ways to boost your bottom line.

The Real Bookies’ game plan looks for easy ways to increase your weekly betting handle while also increasing your overall hold on that added volume. The best way to boost profit is to increase your hold on that added weekly betting volume without having to increase the number of active weekly bettors you work with.