Real Bookies Gets You Ready for College Bowl Season

From Friday, Dec. 20 right through the College Football Playoff Championship on Monday, Jan. 13, there are 40+ college football games to be played in this year’s bowl season. As a private bookie, you should treat this as a stand-alone event separate from all your past results in college football this season.

Similar to March Madness for college basketball, this is an incredible money making opportunity that requires a completely separate business plan to make the most of it. Working closely with Real Bookies as your pay per head online sports betting software provider is the first step in the planning process.

Build Out Your College Bowl Betting Board

The bowl schedule has been set and the initial betting lines have been released. Every bowl game should be posted with a pointspread, total line and moneyline. These betting lines are just the starting point given the extended amount of time between the opening numbers and the actual kickoff of each bowl game.

There are 12 days between the opening lines and the first two bowl games on Friday, Dec. 20 so continuous line management becomes a very big part of the overall plan. By the time the two college football playoff semifinal showdowns roll around on Saturday, Dec. 28, your customers will have had three weeks to bet the games.

Real Bookies gives you the tools to make mass edits across the entire betting board if needed. You also have the ability to adjust individual betting and credit limits through online account profiles.

Managing the betting lines on the board to adjust for early action is just one part of the plan. Next is building out that board with a variety of college bowl betting options.

This includes:

Real Bookies can deliver all the betting lines you need, when you need them. This helps to level the playing field against the big commercial online sportsbooks. Giving your betting customers a full set of options for the college bowl season ensures they will not stray while looking to bet on something that was not on your board.

Added Incentives for Betting Bowl Games

Another part of your college bowl season plan should be a few added incentives for your customer base. One idea is to come up with some select three-team parlay boosters with slightly enhanced betting odds. For example, instead of the standard +600 odds for a three-team parlay, you could offer a +650 return for three hand-picked games. Maybe it is an ACC special or three bowl games played in Florida. Whatever the gimmick may be, since it is handpicked by you, it should give you an added edge.

Pushing moneyline bets for bowl games is another good way to increase both revenue and gross profit. You could even put together block pools for select games or a pick ‘em contest either straight-up or against the spread. The more creative the better since this is a great way to engage your entire customer base when it comes to betting bowl games.

Once you put together the overall plan for bowl season, Real Bookies can help you get the word out to existing customers as well as any prospective customers you are trying to reach. This is one of the biggest benefits of your business website as a powerful marketing tool.