Real Bookies Gets You Ready for The New NBA Season

October is one of the busiest months of the year for sports betting. Football is in full swing in both the college ranks and the NFL, the MLB playoffs continue their march towards the 2019 World Series, the NHL kicked off its new regular season the first week of the month and on Tuesday. Oct. 22 the NBA starts its 2019/2020 regular season campaign.

This may sound like great news for private bookies running and managing an independent sportsbook. However, this volume of action could actually be overwhelming if you do not have the right pay per head bookie software solutions provider in place.

Real Bookies has been helping private bookmakers make the most of times like this for more than 20 years. As a true pioneer in the online sports betting business, this top-rated pay per head site has the experience and high level of expertise you need to meet and exceed your short and long-term goals for your bookie business.

NBA Software Betting Solutions at Real Bookies

It all starts with fast and easy access to betting lines for all the major sports. You already know just how important sharp point spreads and total lines can be for each week of the NFL season. Now it is time to ramp things up to a whole new level with daily betting opportunities in the NBA.

You do have the six-day window to adjust action to either side of a NFL game. The NBA is going to be a hot betting sport this season given all the elite players that will be making their debut with new teams. That is going to create even more excitement for the second-biggest professional betting league just as the NFL season starts to get interesting.

You need a pay per head service that can deliver lines fast and sharp.

You need Real Bookies’ business tools to make:

  • Instant mass edits to the betting board
  • Instant line movements for spreads, totals and moneylines
  • Changes to individual account betting and credit limits
  • New betting options for futures, props and other special opportunities

When the NBA season gets underway, what you really need is the ability to stay way out in front of all the daily action coming in. Real Bookies gives you instant access to the real time business analytics you need to accomplish this goal.

NBA Software Marketing Solutions at Real Bookies

With Real Bookies, you have the right PPH service to handle all of these sports on the board at the same time. Now you have to ensure you have the right marketing tools in place to make the most of this unique opportunity.

The NBA is a very big betting sport later in the season, yet it does tend to exist in the shadow of the NFL in the early stages of the schedule. Part of your job as a private bookie is to get your existing customer base excited for the NBA right out of the gate.

The league has done its part with a number of great matchups during the first week of the new regular season. There is an early battle between both teams in Los Angeles, Philadelphia hosts Boston and Milwaukee takes on Houston in a great inter-conference clash.

Real Bookies offers a number of marketing tools to build excitement for the NBA. It all starts with a highly professional online presence. As a trusted betting portal for private bookie agents, you already have a built-in advantage with this pay per head site. You will also have the ability to promote your bookie business in a professional manner through your own easy to use business website.

The right tools combined with the right plan will get this NBA season off to a very profitable start.