Real Bookies is a Pay Per Head Brand You Can Trust

A popular concept in sports betting is that familiarity leads to higher predictability. By studying the past results and betting trends in a particular matchup, you can better predict the outcome in the next meeting.

This same concept could be tied to the bookie services pay per head industry. Understanding past performance, experience and reputation are all a factor in predicting future results.

Spanning more than two decades in business, Real Bookies has always worked hard in building its brand image. All of that hard work has paid off over the years as a top-rated pay per head site.

That being said, Real Bookies is never content with resting on its laurels or past accomplishments. It continues to make the necessary investments in both the products and services offered to stay at the top of its game.

Reputation is Everything

Today’s pay per head bookie services industry has become highly competitive. However, just because the quantity of available PPH services is high does not mean the quality of these services has followed suit.

Real Bookies has always relied on its own internal team of sports betting experts and online gambling software specialists to develop superior software solutions that remain well ahead of the technology curve.

Solutions that met bookie needs just a few years ago are currently outdated and almost obsolete. Given the fact that Real Bookies has been in business for more than 20 years, it has the proper economy of scale to invest heavily in constantly upgrading its proprietary software solutions.

A big part of this team’s job is developing new and innovative ways to run and manage a private bookie business. Many PPH services claim to offer world class technology and cutting-edge software solutions. Yet, they are just overused buzz words that are part of industry jargon.

Real Bookies continues to walk the walk with a comprehensive pay per head plan that is also turnkey to implement. Everything you need to run and manage a successful bookie business is included in the base weekly plan at an affordable per head fee per active bettor.

You only have to pay for what you use and there is no minimum on the size of your active betting base. However, keep in mind that Real Bookies can lower your weekly cost through set quantity discounts tied to larger betting bases starting with as few as 30 active players.

Benefit From Industry Experience and Expertise

Based in Costa Rica, Real Bookies was founded by an ownership group that already came from a strong background in sports betting. This group also had a deep level of expertise in online gambling software solutions.

This combination of skills resulted in a pay per head approach to running and managing a private bookie business online. Behind an in-house business support team that also has a deep level of experience and expertise, Real Bookies has built its brand around going the extra mile to help and support the bookie agents it represents.

When you sign on with Real Bookies as your pay per head provider, you are helping to ensure the short-term and long-term success of this business endeavor. It still takes hard work and dedication to your craft to be successful as a private bookie. But this task is far easier and much more rewarding with Real Bookies by your side.