Real Bookies Offers Competitive Pay Per Head Rates for Football Season

As a private bookie, you probably make most of your money during football season. Not only is the weekly betting handle much higher, the average hold on that volume tends to increase.

Real Bookies understands that one of your biggest costs this time of year is the weekly pay per head fees charged for each active bettor. The bigger your active customer base, the higher the weekly PPH cost.

Real Bookies Boosts Your Bottom Line with PPH Discounts

There are any number of ways that Real Bookies’ pay per head solutions can increase your bottom line profits during football season. The easiest way to lower the weekly cost for its bookie software solutions package is to lower the per head cost of this service.

Real Bookies is offering its comprehensive base pay per head plan for just $10 per active weekly head. This is comparable with other pay per head bookie services providers. However, you end up getting so much more for your money with Real Bookies handling the operational end of the business.

To make this offer even more attractive, Real Bookies offers quantity discounts on that base rate that kick in as your sports betting customer base expands. The following discount schedule remains in place for the 2021 football season:

Base Rate: $10 weekly per active head
30 to 49 active players: $9.50
50 to 00 active players: $9
100 to 199 active players: $8.50
200 to 499 active players: $8
500 to 999 active players: $7.50
1000 to 1499 active players: $7
More than 1500 active players call for special rates

As you can see, the bigger the active betting base the lower the weekly cost. When you add up the weekly savings across the entire length of the football season, the total savings can be rather attractive even if you are working with just 30 to 49 active players.

Real Bookies Can Build More Weekly Profit Without Expanding Your Active Base

There are other ways to boost your bottom line profit with Real Bookies as your pay per head service. One of the best ways is by building a bigger weekly handle and hold on that betting volume.

This can actually be done without having to expand your active betting base. Your weekly per head fee is set no matter how much weekly volume and revenue your bookie operation brings in. Real Bookies only charges a set fee for each active bettor.

If one of those active customers wagers $100 a week on the games, you can still make money at $10 per head in Real Bookies pay per head fees. Imagine how much more money you could make if that same customer bumped up their weekly betting volume to $125 or $150 a week.

Any money you make on that extra betting volume goes right to your bottom line with no increase in weekly pay per head fees.

By offering your active customers a fully built-out betting board with added NFL futures and props, parlay boosters and live in-game betting you can increase your overall handle and hold.

Real Bookies can provide everything you need to properly manage that board without having to worry about added negative exposure. Many of the added betting options for football have a tendency to generate a high hold on the added betting volume.