Real Bookies Offers Expert Grading Services

As a private bookie in these rapidly changing times, the way you ran your business just a year ago probably looks completely different than it does today. That is why you need a bookie services provider that can also quickly adapt to the current conditions while also planning for the future.

There are any number of reasons why thousands of private books have turned to Real Bookies over the years. This pay per head site is one of the true industry pioneers with more than two decades of experience in the sports betting industry.

With an equally deep working knowledge of online gambling software solutions, Real Bookies has developed a comprehensive bookie services package that is also turnkey in its application. This site has built its excellent reputation in the pay per head industry behind the products and services it offers.

Deep investments in the product end of the equation guarantee that your bookie business runs at peak efficiency. However, that is just the start of the added value this PPH service brings to the table. The other important aspect to take into consideration is expert business support.

Meet the Real Bookies Team

From professional account managers to highly trained customer service representatives, the external team at Real Bookies is in place to help you and your customers on a regular basis.

Behind the scenes, the internal team at Real Bookies consists of IT technicians and sports betting experts. Professional line setters work in conjunction with some of the best Oddsmaking services in the world. The result is a full set of sharp betting lines covering a wide array of betting options.

Another extremely important role the sports betting experts play is grading all of this action. Things can be rather cut and dry with most sports bets. However, the proper grading of all wagers is still a vital feature that needs to be perfected.

Understanding The Grading Process

In conjunction with Real Bookies’ proprietary online sports betting software, in-house experts are constantly monitoring the overall grading process. This insures a high level of fair play in every bet your operation books.

Grading disputes can be very damaging when it comes to customer relations. Having a constant set of eyes on the process can eliminate these types of issues from the start. Real Bookies can also help you communicate the grading process to your customers.

By developing a very clear set of terms and conditions governing the grading process, anyone using your bookmaking services will have a clear understanding of how bets are graded. This takes you out of the middle as the bookie agent. Covering all the bases upfront is a far more productive way to go when it comes to grading bets. Nobody wants to be scrambling for answers after the fact.

Put The Real Bookies Team to Work For You

The proper grading of bets is just one example of how the Real Bookies team of experts can work for you. Helpful customer services reps with a deep background in online sports betting is another example of the level of commitment Real Bookies offers.

An IT staff that can help you customize your online business presence is all part of the package. There are any number of ways that Real Bookies can add value to the already low weekly per head fees you pay but it starts with real people working for you.