Real Bookies Offers Full Control of Lines and Limits

Control is a very important concept for private bookies running and managing an independent sportsbook. Much of that control is tied to staying way out in front of the daily action coming in. The shift to online sports betting has added quite a bit of importance to the pay per head bookie services company you employ to handle this aspect of the business.

The big commercial online sportsbooks are backed by big bankrolls. One bad week can easily be made up in the action taken in the following week. Over the course of time, bettors tend to lose more than they win and the books make a nice profit on the difference.

As a private bookie, you may be sitting on enough cash reserves to survive one or two bad weeks but any downward trends that last longer than that could be a severe drain on cash flow while dipping deep into bottom-line profit. You cannot stop the majority of favorites from winning this weekend’s big betting games but you can manage that action to minimize the impact.

Real Bookies Betting Lines

Your betting board starts with fast and easy access to all the sharp betting lines you need, when you need them. It is entirely up to you when it comes to building out your daily and weekly board. Real Bookies’ primary job is to make sure that you have everything to meet the betting needs of your entire customer base.

You never want to risk losing even one customer because they could not find what they were looking for on your board. By getting to know each of your customer’s sports betting tendencies, habits and strategic moves, they tend to become rather predictable over the course of time. This is where you can work directly with Real Bookies to build out that board.

Real Bookies Betting Limits

Another way to create a much higher level of control is through online individual account profiles. This is the basis for all the information your bookie software gathers. Betting history, current positions and settlement reports are just three of the ways you can keep tabs on business at the account level.

The most important control factor is tied to betting limits on an account by account basis. Your top customers can be rewarded with much more flexibility than a new account or one with a shakier payment record.

High rollers are good to have in the mix as long as they pay on time. New customers can gain your trust with prompt payments to command higher limits. Even your problem customers can turn things around to regain trust.
With Real Bookies, you will always have the means to deal with any customer type when it comes to setting both betting and credit limits as needed.

Real Bookies Line Movement Control

Fast and sharp betting lines are a huge asset. Yet, the ability to quickly move those lines and make changes to your board is crucial to maintaining a high level of control. Real Bookies has built the necessary tools into their bookie software package to provide full control on an ongoing basis.

Mass edits can be enacted immediately across the board. Individual adjustments is another vital tool to handle the level of volatility that is inherent to the sports betting industry. Even if it gets to the point where you need to layoff some action to avoid negative exposure, Real Bookies offers the bookie software solutions that always keep you ahead of the curve and in front of the action.