Real Bookies Offers Real Time Betting Analytics

If you ask any private bookie what their top priority is when it comes to the betting action they take in, the answer should be control. You need the right pay per head bookie software tools that can enhance your ability to control the action coming in. Sports betting in general is a volatile business that can be very hard to predict.

The betting public does tend to lean towards favorites on the spreads and OVER on the total line. However, sometimes that lean becomes a major push with all the money going that way. No amount of line movements will change that situation, but you still have ability to balance out all the action across your overall board to minimize this kind of negative exposure.

That is why it is so important to have a quality pay per head site by your side such as Real Bookies. Owned and operated by sports betting experts, they know and understand exactly what it takes to successfully run and manage your own sportsbook. They also know the proper tools needed to establish that high level of control every independent bookmaker is looking for.

Using the Right Tool For the Right Job

The primary function of any PPH service is processing all the daily transactions that go into a business of this nature. While they handle the operational end of the business, you can better use your time building and growing your overall customer base and the overall profit you take in.

An instrumental part of the backend access to your online sports betting software package is all the business reports that help you really drill down into the daily, weekly and monthly betting action your take in.
Everything begins with the account profiles you set up for each of your active betting customers. The information contained in these profiles is the basis for most of the business reports that you will use on a regular basis. When it comes to generating real time business analytics, the following reports are vital to the overall decision making process:

  • Daily Bet Ticker
  • Weekly Balances
  • Bookie Agent Positions
  • Open Bets
  • Action By Player

These are just a few of the key reports needed to maintain that level of control every private bookmaker is looking for. Real time information gives you the chance to capitalize on opportunities as opposed to putting out fires after the fact.

As part of your pay per head package, you have the ability to make mass edits across your board along with the ability to quickly adjust betting lines and betting limits. There are still going to be times when negative exposure on a marquee matchup is going to be unavoidable. Yet, having that higher level of control over your entire bookie operation will help you smooth out the rough spots that are always going to be a part of this business.

Real Bookies Goes The Extra Mile With Real Customer Support

Because this pay per head site is considered to be a true pioneer in the online sports betting industry with over 20 years’ experience, it has the right team in place to help you along the way. Along with access to the proper analytics, you also have access to a team of subject matter experts that can answer your questions with time-tested methods to resolve or at least manage difficult situations.

You should think of Real Bookies as that silent business partner with your best interests in mind. They know that their continues success is directly tied to the agents employing their bookie software solutions to run their operation.