Real Bookies Offers Real Value & Real Savings in Pay Per Head Costs

Working with a pay per head provider such as Real Bookies is a necessity in today’s sports betting marketplace as a private bookie. However, this is still a business cost that comes right off of your bottom line.

That is why today’s savvy bookmakers turn to Real Bookies for all of their online gambling software solutions. This pay per head system offers a proven way to gain real value and real savings that can minimize this weekly business cost.

How Does Real Bookies Add Real Value?

There are literally hundreds of pay per head sites to choose from these days. This has created an overcrowded marketplace that has heightened the level of confusion for most private bookies.

The biggest value in signing on with Real Bookies is threefold:

  • Time-Tested Bookie Services
  • A Comprehensive Bookie Services Package
  • Ease of Online Use

Based in Costa Rica as the center of the pay per head universe, Real Bookies has been helping private bookmakers fully automate their business while running it 100% online for more than two decades. Over all that time, Real Bookies has remained a top-rated PPH service.

This software solutions package has been designed by sports bookies for sports bookies. For one, low weekly fee based on active betting customers, you receive everything you need to run and manage a successful bookmaking operation. There are no hidden fees or added costs attached to your base package.

Online betting software can be complex in its design but it has been designed to be easy to use. This applies to you as the bookie agent as well as everyone of your active betting customers. Backed by an in-house customer service team with a strong background in this online betting software package, any questions or issues that may arise can be easily resolved through multiple forms of two-way communication.

How Does Real Bookies Increase Real Savings?

As mention, Real Bookies has been working side by side with bookie agents for more than 20 years. This site knows how to make the most of its economies of scale as a top-rated PPH service. By continually making the proper investments in its internal operating system, you are working with a elevated level of reliability that keeps your bookie business up and running online 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

You are also guaranteed that every online transaction involving your betting clientele will be completed in a safe and secure manner. It is hard to put a price tag on reliability and online security to this advanced level.

Real savings start with the price of the Real Bookies base PPH plan. For as little as $10 per active customer per week, you can run and manage a fully automated private bookie business online. Best of all, that is the high end cost of this plan. Quantity discounts start kicking in for as few as 30 active players. The next discount level is for 50-99 active players. The bigger your bookie business is as far as the quantity of players, the less you pay in weekly per head costs.

Do yourself a favor and reach out to one of Real Bookies dedicated account managers today. They can set you up with an extended free trial of everything this bookie services site has to offer.