Real Bookies Offers SMS Notifications to Market Your Business

The full list of features and benefits that are included in Real Bookies’ base pay per head weekly plan is impressive to say the least.

Live in-game sports betting, a virtual and live casino and instant access to more than 70 horse racing tracks may top the list for bookies looking to run a full-service online gaming site. However, you still need the means to market those services to your entire betting base on a regular basis.

When you sign on with Real Bookies, you will have access to an online betting platform that can be customized to your particular bookie business. Along with a professional online business presence, you will also have a suite of online marketing tools to promote that business.

One of the best ways to keep in constant contact with both active and inactive bettors is through the use of SMS notifications. This feature/benefit is standard in the Real Bookies base pay per head weekly plan.

What are Real Bookies SMS Notifications?

The ability to communicate with your customers on a regular basis is crucial to building both your weekly betting handle and your hold on that incoming action. SMS notifications are short text messages that can be used to forward vital information that pertains to your bookie business.

These text messages can be sent out on a regular basis as an effective way to market all of your bookie services. For example, a SMS notification could be used to notify bettors of the release of certain betting odds such as MLB World Series futures.

These notifications could be used to promote this Saturday’s featured race at Churchill Downs or the addition of a new jackpot slot game in your online casino.

Whatever marketing message you are looking to communicate, you already have a proven system in place to get your message out there.

Why Use Real Bookies SMS Notifications?

Just because you add a new market or betting option to your sports betting board does not mean that the majority of your customers will notice it. If this is your primary marketing approach, you are relying way too heavily on customers checking your betting site.

By communicating that same piece of information via a SMS notification, you will automatically receive a higher response rate. Short texts that are concise and to the point are a proven way to catch someone’s attention.

As opposed to emails, texts via a SMS notification are opened and read at a much higher rate. By getting your message across in one consistent manner, you can create on ongoing and effective form of communication between yourself and your betting customers.

This is also a very effective marketing tool for inactive players that have been waiting it out on the sidelines. You may be able to strike up some interest to bring them back in the active betting fold.

How to Make the Most Out of Real Bookies SMS Notifications

Just like any other marketing plan, SMS notifications need to be used properly. You do not want to be sending something out every other hour. However, creating a set schedule for these texts makes business sense.

Maybe you can reach out to your base every Friday afternoon with a weekend special. You can use a SMS notification to announce an upcoming contest. The key is to provide something of interest in every SMS notification you send out. This will keep your entire betting base engaged on a regular basis.