Real Bookies Offers The Experience and Expertise You Can Trust

One of the main reasons why private bookies still handle the bulk of the sports betting action in the US and beyond is the pay per head bookie services industry. Today’s advanced pay per head sites can process the day-to-day online transactions that go into a business of this nature in both a safe and reliable fashion.

The standard pay per head business model provides this service for a weekly fee that is charged for every active betting customer a bookie agent covers. Over the past several years, one thing that has been painfully obvious for some unfortunate bookies is that all pay per head sites are not created equal.

Whenever there is money to be made, new entries to the marketplace show up looking for the fast buck. With online sports betting booming in the US and around the world, it is no wonder that pay per head sites continue to pop up all over the internet.

Fortunately for today’s bookie agents looking to run and manage a successful independent sportsbook, Real Bookies offers the experience and high level of expertise to help you achieve your business goals.

The Real Bookies Story

It was not all that long ago when online sports betting did not exist. Going back to the early 1990’s, private bookies handled almost all the betting action with the use of a phone and something to write on. The rise of the internet was the start of every business that sold a product or service online. Just as the first offshore sportsbooks used the internet to market their services online to a growing US market, the founders of Real Bookies were working on a online sports betting software solution for private bookies.

Anytime a company gets in on the ground floor of a lucrative business concept, they are going to have a huge edge against any new competition. That has been the story at Real Bookies for over two decades. The owners are not just sports betting experts, they possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in online gambling software.

Real Bookies Online Gambling Software Solutions

One of the first online sports betting partners Real Bookies teamed up at the start was Digital Gaming Software (DGS). This remains a privately held corporation that created a gaming software platform that is still the basis for gambling online.

Real Bookies did not stop there. Over the years, they developed their own proprietary software applications to enhance their overall bookie services package. The result is a comprehensive online gambling software system that can operate in a turnkey fashion.

As a private bookie, you do not have to concern yourself with how this advanced software works. All you need to concentrate on is how it can work for you. Processing daily transactions in a safe and secure online environment with zero downtime is just part of what Real Bookies brings to the table.

They can set your bookie business up with a highly professional online business presence that acts as a powerful marketing tool for your bookmaking services. They can expand your business to horse betting through your own custom racebook. You can even offer online casino games to your sports betting customer base at no additional charge.

The biggest thing Real Bookies provides is the peace of mind that your bookie business is in the best hands possible for operating online. This is the silent business partner you need to reach a level of success you only ever dreamed of.