Real Bookies Offers Value-Added Customer Profile Reports

The best pay per head sites offering quality bookie services are always looking for ways to add value to the low weekly fees charged for each active betting customer. They realize that these weekly fee can be one of your biggest operating costs as a private bookie. By adding more value to the overall service, you are actually enhancing your overall bottom line.

Real Bookies has been able to move to top of the list in the pay per head online sports betting software industry because of that never-ending commitment to providing the best bookie services’ package possible. Their software products were developed in-house from the ground up. Proprietary attributes highlight a comprehensive package that is designed to be turnkey in its application.

Online Account Betting Profiles

The customer profile suite of business reports at Real Bookies starts with the overall online account profile. One of the first steps to taking your bookie business online with this pay per head site is creating an online profile for each of your betting customers.

Even if a bettor is not always active on a weekly basis, it is important to create an online profile that can track all activity over the course of the entire sports betting calendar year. For example, you many have a group of betting customers that are only active during the football season. Having them live in your system all year long can help you in two main ways:

  • Calls Ups for Next Football Season
  • Marketing Prospects for Other Betting Options

These types of customers do not cost you anything when they go dormant. However, you want them in the system for marketing purposes when what they return to weekly betting. This allows you to work on marketing plans for football in the summer months and baseball plans in the winter.

You can also increase the amount of betting options for most sports to a year round basis with futures and offseason props. These options can be incorporated into all of your marketing efforts for each major betting sport.

Online account betting profiles for active bettors every week of the year are the initial source for tracking all betting activity. Real Bookies offers customer reports for active positions, settlement figures and past betting results. All of this information can be accessed through a summary report on a customer-by-customer basis or as part of a rollup report of real time betting activity for your entire betting base.

The final important role an online account betting profile services is control. You will always have the ability to set and instantly change any specific betting and credit limits you wish to have in place. This is vital to setting a high level of control that always keeps you way out in front of the daily and weekly action coming in.

Online Customer Analysis

Another big way that Real Bookies adds value to their customer profile reports is through real time analysis. While it is very important to know each bettor’s current positions, it is equally important to know their running total from a profit and loss standpoint.

A big benefit of running and managing your own independent online sportsbook is the ability to hand pick the betting customers you choose to work with. The goal is to develop a mutually beneficial working relationship.

As the bookie, you provide fast and easy access to a wide variety of betting options. The goal is to meet ( and hopefully exceed) all of their betting expectations. The customer is counted on to settle accounts in a timely manner and stay above board with all of their betting activity.

When that is not the case, the proper customer analysis reports help you detect potential issues before they become major problems.