Real Bookies Player Management Options

Breaking down a private bookie’s business to its most basic level, managing individual player accounts is the best way to manage your business as a whole. To be successful at achieving this fundamental level of management, you need a pay per head bookie software provider with the right business tools.

One of the first steps to taking a private bookie business online is creating individual betting account profiles for each of your customers. Everything they do online with this account with be recorded right down to the finest detail. You should also have instant access to a number of real time business analytics derived on an account-by-account basis.

Real Bookies pay per head online sports betting software gives you the ability to drill down into your sports bettor’s online account. This can provide valuable insight into their betting habits and overall betting strategy. If you are looking for this essential level of control with your overall bookie business, Real Bookies can deliver what you need.

Real Bookies Player Management Tools

One of the most important aspects of managing an individual betting account is the ability to set both betting and credit limits. This can be done when you are first setting up the profile. The second most important aspect is the ability to make instant changes to those limits.

Sometimes even the most conservative sports bettors get ahead of themselves. Sports betting can cause a very emotional response that could lead to one of your customers getting in over their head. They might get carried away on one particular high-unit bet or they may lose track of their current settlement position.

This is where both betting limits and credit limits give you the ultimate control over how much rope you wish to extend. Obviously, you want keep things as loose as possible but you cannot extend the rope too far they hang themselves.

Real Bookies also has the following tools in place for active player management:

All of these business analytics play a vital role in active player management. By drilling down into all betting activity on an account-by-account basis, you will gain a much better understanding of your sports betting customer base as a whole.

These management tools are especially helpful when taking on a new betting customer. Up front betting and credit limits will help to establish immediate control. However, tracking all the activity will set the stage for any changes you need to put in place.

Real Bookies Player Marketing Tools

The other side of the equation is using the knowledge gained from individual account profiles to further market your bookie services. Past activity can summarize what someone has bet on. One of the main goals of any private bookmaker is to expand that betting activities to additional betting options. If someone loves betting moneylines for sports such as baseball and hockey, they may be interested in expanded moneyline options for bigger betting sports such as football and basketball.

Another goal of private bookies is to expand your betting board to secondary sports. You only pay the low, weekly price per head fee once for active betting customers. By increasing the actual weekly handle on an account-by-account basis, you are maximizing each customer’s overall return in light of their pay per head cost.

You should always give your customers what the want when it comes to building out your overall betting board. Expanding your weekly revenue and bottom-line profit is also about expanding your betting board with options your customers did not realize they wanted.