Real Bookies Ramps up the Betting Action This Winter

The coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc on the sports betting industry in 2020. However, the end result could set the stage for a huge rebound heading into the New Year.

As the NFL and college football regular seasons continue to wind down, the stage is set for an exciting postseason run to a Super Bowl and national championship title.

College basketball started back up around Thanksgiving and it has added a full slate of daily action to complement football betting on the weekends.

The NBA is ready to tip-off its new season right before Christmas and the NHL is making plans to return to the ice by mid-January. Throw in another year of NASCAR Cup Series racing, professional golf and tennis along with a regular schedule of boxing and UFC fights and there has never been a better time to run and manage your own private bookie service.

Today’s US Sports Betting Industry

As a private bookie, you have the ability to offer your services on a global scale through the power of an online betting platform. Working with Real Bookies as your online gambling software provider, your only limit to expanding your business is your imagination.

With the proper online tools in place, Real Bookies sets the stage for success on a grand scale. However, many private bookies still prefer to take a local approach to building a profitable bookmaking operation.

If you reside in the US, you are well aware of the major changes guiding the sports betting industry. As more and more states open their borders to sports betting, more and more competitors are joining the mix.

As a private bookie, competition will always be a concern. Along with US books entering the picture, you still have to compete against the big commercial offshore sportsbooks operating online.

In reality, all this added competition is good for the private bookmaking industry. Quite a few sports fans have now become interested in betting on the games as well. While they may get their start with a commercial US book, many of today’s avid sports bettors understand the value that a private bookie brings to the table.

Real Bookies Online Gambling Software Solutions

With the help of Real Bookies, you can create a professional online business presence that can be used as a powerful marketing tool. It has become rather easy to reach sports bettors through the strategic use of social media.

As a private bookie, you will always have control over two major aspects of your business:

  • Your Betting Clientele
  • Your Betting Board

Real Bookies gives you the necessary tools to build a betting clientele that best meets your specific business model. You can choose to focus on sports betting or expand your business into horse betting through an online racebook. You can also add Las Vegas-style slots and table games through an online casino.

All of these online gambling software packages are included in your pay per plan. As always, you only pay the weekly fee for active betting customers.

Real Bookies also provides the proper tools to manage your betting board. Fast and easy access to a wide variety of betting options is the starting point. You can then decide how to build out your board to meet all of your customer’s needs.

Real time instant line movements and across-the-board changes are part of the management process. You will also have the ability to adjust betting and credit limits on an account by account basis.