Real Bookies Remains Committed to Your Business Success

Last year at this time, the future prospects for private bookies looked rather bleak. Mainstream sports betting basically ground to halt with no foreseeable end to the shutdown in sight. Real Bookies stepped up to the plate as a top-rated bookie services provider. This pay per head site took the lead in helping its bookie agents endure this setback in the best way possible.

Since that point, Real Bookies has continued to prove its real worth to anyone who is serious about running and managing a successful private bookie business.

Fast forward to exactly one year later and business is booming for independent bookmakers using Real Bookies as their pay per head provider. If you are part of the group, you already understand just how important the right pay per head provider can be to your overall business success.

If you want to be a part of this group, it has never been easier to sign on with Real Bookies to get started. All you need is one or two active betting customers. A dedicated account manager will take care of everything else by walking you through the start-up process. You can be taking action from those customers the same day you register your bookie business online.

The Real Bookies ‘Experience’

The use of the word ‘experience’ is heavily tied to many company marketing campaigns these days. That is true to some extent at Real Bookies but it mainly pertains to this bookie service’s iconic standing in the pay per head industry.

Launched more than 20 years ago in Costa Rica, Real Bookies got its start around the same time the first offshore sportsbooks started offering their bookmaking services online.

The main difference is that the commercial offshore books developed software solutions to directly book sports bets online. Real Bookies shifted its focus to helping private bookies do the same thing through a proprietary software solutions package.

Two decades later, Real Bookies employs an internal operating system and sophisticated software solutions that would rival what the biggest commercial books are using to power their online betting platforms. This includes an advanced mobile betting interface that can process bets through any handheld device with internet access.

This level of experience can pay huge dividends for your bookie business whether you are working with a handful of customers or an entire network of sub-agents caving hundreds of active sports bettors.

The Real Bookies ‘Edge’

A popular concept with sports bettors is gaining an edge over the house. They are always looking for ways to increase their chances to cash winning tickets. Your role as a private bookie is to give your customers every chance in the world to win money betting sports.

You already understand that the law of averages will always favor the house. Even the betting pros would be satisfied with a winning percentage that exceeds their break-even point.

While overall margins may be thin, a private bookie can make a rather lucrative return on investment on a hold between 5% and 10%. The higher the better and Real Bookies has developed specific software solutions designed to increase your betting handle while also increasing your betting hold.

Automated betting processes, a properly managed betting board and a professional online business presence are just a few of the ways you can put the Real Bookies’ edge to work for you.