Real Time Betting Alerts with Pay Per Head Bookie Software

As a private bookie trying to run and manage a successful independent sportsbook, real time information on all betting activity is vital to always staying ahead of the curve. As an integral part of a Pay Per Head site’s bookie software solutions package, you should have a service that can provide instant data on any bet placed. This type of instant information will let you take full advantage of the situation in terms of your individual betting lines.

Ability to set and move your own betting lines in a fast and efficient manner.

You should also be able to change your betting board at a moments notice to best suit your particular business needs. Your goal as a private bookie is to capitalize on existing opportunities as opposed to dealing with issues after the fact. Real time bet alerts are a very important piece of the puzzle when it comes to the successful day-to-day management of your own sportsbook.

A lead in to using bet alerts to manage your betting board are player activity reports that paint an accurate picture of overall betting activity on a case by case basis. By having the ability to anticipate how, what and when each of your customers actually bet on sports, you can also anticipate any moves you may have to make to always protect your interests.

Setting your own betting and credit limits on an account by account basis is the best way to manage the overall action you take in on a daily, weekly and even monthly basis. This is especially true if your customer base is continually expanding. The best way to increase your hold percentage as well as the bottom-line profit you take in revolves around having enough betting action to meet your financial needs. That being said, you still need to pick and choose your betting clients to avoid any pros or wise guys that could have a negative impact on your bottom line.

All of the top price per head shops will continually upgrade their operations with the latest advances in online sports betting technology and software applications. Their primary job is to help you level the playing field against the big online sportsbooks that continually go to great lengths to attract sports bettors to their sites. Your main point of difference as a private bookie still lies in the added customer service and personal attention to detail that the big books cannot match. It is hard to create that kind of separation if you do not have the right business tools at your disposal.

Real time bet alerts

A real time bet alert is just one of the many features and benefits that should be a standard part of your price per head software solutions. It is still up to you as a small business owner to put all of these features and benefits to work for you. They are all part of the low, weekly price per head fee you are already paying for your active betting customers, so why not take full advantage of everything included in that per head cost.

The top PPH services know that your continued financial success running and managing your own independent sportsbook is directly tied to their long-term financial success. They should be viewed as a business partner that is designated to making the entire operational end of things run smooth. Your time is better spent on the sales and marketing end of things, so any business tool such as bet alerts that makes life easier is a welcomed addition to the grand scheme.