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Thinking about how well does Real Bookies stack up against other Pay Per Head companies? Below you will find a head to head comparison and reviews of all the price per head bookie sportsbook sites we have rated thus far in 2024!

We have graded companies by customer service, up time and the cheapest to the upper tier pay per head sites

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The top 5 pay per head companies according to Scoresandstats and Techtimes are:


1. Host PPH vs RealBookies

Racebook BettingYesYes
Casino BettingYesYes

Why Real Bookies Wins Out

Like a lot of pay per head businesses, both Host PPH and Real Bookies are based out of Costa Rica.  And both companies offer the kind of standard services that agents like to provide their players, like sportsbook, racebook, and casino betting.

Both organizations also allow agents to provide their players with a few modern wagering perks.  For instance, the two offer mobile phone betting for players on the go.  They also allow agents to utilize live betting for bettors that with to pick and choose from hundreds of various prop bets.

They also allow agents the chance to customize their experience by a fairly wide amount.  Bookies that use either service can create custom web skins, utilize customizable account options, pull various information sheets designated by time frame, and more.

However, where the two services separate is price.  Host PPH’s website is gun shy about mentioning prices, which ultimately start out at over $20/head.  Real Bookies, on the other hand, are pretty open about their price point, with services starting at $10/head.

Because of the lower price point – not to mention the ease at which a perspective agent can obtain the price point – Real Bookies gets the nod for having a superior bookie software product.  It ultimately goes to show that being up front goes a long way.

2. 7PPH vs RealBookies

Sportsbook/Racebook/Casino GamesYesYes
Mobile Phone BettingYesYes
No Minimum FeesInitial Deposit RequiredNo fees required
Signup PromotionNoYes

Why Real Bookies Wins Out

It is extremely important for agents to gain a proper feel for a price-per-head organization, especially if they are a smaller operation.  Real Bookies allows agents to do just that by offering them a four week free trial. 7PPH, on the other hand, does not offer any sign-up promotions.

Real Bookies also allows agents to get even more comfortable with their services by requiring no minimum fee requirements in order to get involved.  This is something that 7PPH can’t say.

From the features side of things, both companies are pretty competitive.  They both offer the ability to bet via a mobile phone device, and both places will let agents dabble in racetrack and casino betting as well as the traditional sportsbook.

The price tag between the two services is pretty competitive too, once you move past Real Bookie’s free trial and lack of minimum fee requirements.  PPH7 offers $7/head, whereas Real Bookie offers $10/head. 

However, Real Bookie gets the nod because it allows agents to get comfortably immersed into its bookmaking software service long before that first dollar for services rendered is exchanged.  And in the ever-changing world of pay per head bookmaking, building that sense of comfort is worth a whole lot.

3. IDSCA Perhead vs RealBookies

Racebook BettingYesYes
Casino BettingYesYes

Why Real Bookies Wins Out

Whenever a company like Real Bookies is going to be pitted against IDSCA Perhead, they are going to look like the new kid on the block.  Indeed, IDSCA Perhead has been doing pay per head longer than most everyone in the game.

This experience allows them to compete with Real Bookies from a service standpoint rather well.  Both services give agents the chance to do sportsbook, racebook, and casino betting.  They also offer a host of important features like customizable web skins and in-depth player reports.

IDSCA Perhead also shows that they can hang with Real Bookies with some of the modern betting stuff, too.  Both offer agents the chance to provide their bettors with mobile phone betting and live betting options – two burgeoning staples of the pay per head world.

However, the one area where IDSCA Perhead falters is price.  The venerable company’s price tag starts out at $10/head, which makes them one of the priciest options around.  Real Bookies, on the other hand, offers their services starting as low as $7 along with Pay Per Head 247.

Because the two companies offer highly comparable services and tools to agents, Real Bookie gets the win because they offer their services at a substantially lesser cost.  And considering the similarity of the two products offered, Real Bookie’s price is not subject to the old adage of “you get what you pay for.”

4. Bookies Dream vs RealBookies

Sportsbook BettingYesYes
Racebook BettingYesYes
Casino BettingYesYes

Why Real Bookies Wins

There is not a whole lot of difference between Bookies Dream and Real Bookies when an agent just looks at the services offered as a whole.  Both organizations offer the full complement of sportsbook, racebook, and casino betting, as well as modern perks like mobile phone betting and live betting.

The two services are similar in terms of the more technical aspects of the pay per head game.  For instance, both companies allow agents to customize their website’s skin and adjust their account settings to their liking.

They also grant agents to various reports that make it easy for them to keep things balanced, such as an amount at risk report, open wagers report, and various financial reports.

However, the one element that they do differ is a big deal:  Price.  Bookies Dream charges $20/head for their services.  Meanwhile, Real Bookies only charges $10/head for the basics, and $15 for all the whistles and bells.  Thus, it ends up saving agents money – something that is always pretty important.

Although Bookies Dream and Real Bookies carry a lot of the same features, Real Bookies manages to carry them at a lower rate than their counterpart.  For that reason, Real Bookies gets the nod when the two organizations are placed head-to-head.

5. Bookie Soft vs RealBookies

Sportsbook/Racebook BettingYesYes
Casino BettingYesYes
Signup PeriodTwo WeeksFour Weeks

Why Real Bookies Wins Out

At first, Bookie Soft may look as good as Real Bookies because of its uniqueness.  Specifically, it offers an unlimited agent amount in addition to traditional pay per head.

However, the unlimited agent amount that is offered is not necessarily practical in regards to what most agents would typically need for their players.  A service such as Real Bookies and the pay per head offerings is much more consistent with what the average agent needs.

The price point that Real Bookies offers is also a good selling point for the service.  While Bookie Soft starts their pay per head feature at $5/head, the premium items are accessible at a $19/head rate.  Real Bookies starts their service at a $10/head, and offers their premium service at $15/head. 

Real Bookies also offers an extended free trial period of four weeks to allow agents to get a bead on the service before pulling the trigger.  On the other hand, Bookie Soft only provides two weeks of service.

While the big bulk purchase that Bookie Soft offers may look like a tempting proposition to take, the pay per head services of Real Book are far more practical for agents to use.  Add the cost-effective plans into the mix, and Real Bookies emerges as the superior service.

6. BettorsNet vs RealBookies

Sportsbook/Racebook/Casino BettingYesYes
Mobile Phone BettingYesYes
Signup PeriodOne WeekFour Weeks

Why Real Bookies Wins Out

Bettorsnet and Real Bookies are two companies that appear to be very similar.  Both operate out of Costa Rica, as is the case with a lot of pay per head businesses.  Both offer agents sportsbook, racebook, and casino betting options for their players.

The two companies also offer a few modern-tinged services.  For example, they both allow agents to offer smartphone betting services, as well as the opportunity to engage in live in-game betting.  This latter service is especially great for agents who want to take advantage of the prop bet phenomenon.

Yet they are not exactly the same.  Bettorsnet offers the barest of bare bones services at $5/head, and charges $20/head for its fully loaded services.  Conversely, Real Bookies offers its more fully formed basic package at $10/head, while its fully loaded service is charged at $15/head.

Additionally, Real Bookies’ signup period lasts twice as long as Bettorsnet’s trial run.  Real Bookies allows agents to try them freely for four weeks, while Bettorsnet only offers a two week free period.

Ultimately, Real Bookies wins out over Bettorsnet because it offers more “bang for your buck.”  While a lot of the offerings between the two companies may look similar, the long term value that Real Bookies has is awfully tough to beat.

7. 9 Dollar Per Head vs RealBookies

Mobile Phone BettingYesYes
Casino GamesYesYes
Live WageringNoYes

Why Real Bookies Wins Out

At first glance, Real Bookies and 9 Dollar Per Head appear to be pretty similar with what they have to offer.  Agents will find that both companies offer sportsbook, racebook, and casino services, so there are plenty of options for your clients to choose from.

Both organizations also offer mobile phone betting.  This service is a pretty cool service for agents who are looking to cater to their clientele that are always on the go. 

The price between the two companies is pretty similar, as well.  As the name suggests, 9 Dollar Price Per Head charges $9/head, while Real Bookie comes in slightly higher at $10/head.

However, that extra dollar buys agents the chance to offer their customers the chance to partake in live betting.  This is a huge benefit, considering how much prop bets and other wagers that used to be considered unorthodox are now considered the norm.  This extra dollar opens up to a whole new world filled with hundreds of new and exotic bookmaking opportunities to share with customers.

The inclusion of live wagering is a cool wrinkle that further enhances Real Bookies’ standing as a stellar bookmaker website.  It’s a reputation that allows it to stand apart even from the closest of competitors.

8. Ace Per Head vs RealBookies

Sportsbook/Racebook BettingYesYes
Casino BettingYesYes
Mobile Phone BettingNoYes

Why Real Bookies Wins Out

The differences between Real Bookies and Ace Per Head may not stand out at first.  Both companies are located in Costa Rica.  Both allow agents to offer casino and sportsbook betting to their players, as well.

Both companies offer relatively comparable price points, as well.  Ace Per Head and Real Bookies both start out at $10/head for their basic services.  This price increases as more services are added.

One of the more subtle differences between the two companies is the number of racetracks offered through their racebook services.  Real Bookies offers the chance for agents to offer a wider variety of race tracks than their counterparts.  This difference may be of interest for bookies that have an “old-school” wagering customer base.

A more pronounced difference is Ace Per Head’s lack of mobile phone betting service.  They do not offer agents the chance to engage the wagering needs of players that are on the go.  Conversely, Real Bookies does offer mobile phone betting, which agents could use in order to make the player’s excuse of “I wasn’t around my computer” irrelevant.

This difference is what ultimately allows Real Bookies to be the better service.  It singlehandedly shows how exciting the pay per head industry can be when it moves in the direction of modern technology.

9. Dollar Per Head vs RealBookies

Mobile Phone BettingNoYes
Casino SoftwareNoYes
Signup PromotionNoYes

Why Real Bookies Wins Out

Real Bookie tends to have a leg up on Dollar Per Head in most aspects of the pay per head market.  For one thing, Real Bookies offers sportsbook and racingbook opportunities for its agents, and Dollar Per Head isn’t necessarily set up to offer traditional sportsbook materials.

This discrepancy continues by comparing the two companies’ casino software.  Dollar Per Head does not have any casino software because they do not offer a casino service.  Real Bookies, on the other hand, does offer the service and has solid software to boot.

Another aspect where Real Bookies beats Dollar Per Head is in the realm of signup promotions.  Real Bookies offers four free weeks to agents before they have to pull the trigger on a payment plan.  Dollar Per Head does not offer any free weeks to their service.

The one aspect that Dollar Per Head and Real Bookies do compare favorably with each other is through their price point.  Both organizations offer their services at $10/head. Yet looking beyond price similarity, it’s pretty clear that Real Bookie is the clear winner here.  From offering basic agent options to offering modern elements like mobile phone betting, Real Bookies software is simply a superior service.

10. ABC Island vs RealBookies

Mobile Phone BettingYesYes
Live BettingNoYes

Why Real Bookies Wins Out

There is quite a bit of similarity between these two PPH organizations.  They both give agents the chance to offer sportsbook, racebook, and casino betting, thus allowing them to be a one-stop betting experience for their customers.  They also offer mobile phone betting for bettors on the go.

The two companies also offer similar features from the aesthetic side of things.  The two organizations offer agents the chance to design their website’s look and account settings to fit their level of comfort on an ideal level.

One of the big differences between the two companies involves the process of live betting.  ABC Islands does not give agents the chance to offer this rapidly increasing facet of in-game betting to their customers, but Real Bookies does.  This difference gives Real Bookies customers the chance to open up hundreds of new bets to their clients.

The price of the respective services also gives Real Bookies an advantage over their pay per head counterparts.  Agents that want to get used to Real Bookies services before completely diving in can do so at $10/head, which is $5 cheaper than ABC Island.

The overall cost-effectiveness combined with the extra live betting service gives Real Bookies the head-to-head edge over ABC Island.  Considering how similar the services look otherwise, it just goes to show that a little difference can go a long way.

11. BetEagle vs RealBookies

Sportsbook/Racebook BettingYesYes
Casino BettingYesYes
Mobile Phone BettingYesYes
Signup PromotionNoYes

Why Real Bookies Wins Out

In the Pay Per Head world, it takes a little comparison shopping in order to figure out what service is best.  In an industry where it can be tricky to tell one service apart from another, finding the one that feels right is pretty important.

That really represents the main difference between Real Bookies and BetEagle.  Real Bookies gives agents a whopping four free weeks to try out their services before they have to commit to paying the basic $10/head fee.  BetEagle, on the other hand, does not offer any trial period.  If an agent wants to use the service, they’ll have to commit up front.

The services themselves are similar in their offerings.  Both give agents the chance to provide a one-stop experience to their players by offering them sportsbook, racebook, and casino betting.  Both services offer mobile betting options as well.

Both companies also offer a similar price point.  BetEagle and Real Bookies both start out at a $10/head level.  The main thing that separates the two companies here is the previously mentioned offering of a trial period that Real Bookie offers.

And that trial period is enough to recommend Real Bookie over BetEagle.  After all, it’s never a bad thing to take a service out on a test run.

12. 24-7 Bookie vs RealBookies

Mobile Phone BettingYesYes
Casino GamesYesYes

Why Real Bookies Wins Out

A side by side comparison between Real Bookies and 24-7 Bookie is all an agent needs to see in order to realize just how competitive the world of pay per head bookmaking has become.   

Both of these Costa Rica-based companies offer sportsbook and racebook features, and they also allow agents to offer casino games to their customers.  They even offer modern perks like smartphone betting and live wagering for prop bets.

The item that sets the two services apart is price.  While 24-7 Bookie’s basic service is less expensive than Real Bookie’s bare bones service, Real Bookie offers more items for bookmakers to use at that starting price than 24-7 Bookie.

What’s more, if agents want to use the service at their full capacity, Real Bookies ends up being the better value at $15/head, as opposed to 24-7 Bookie’s $20/head price point.  Plus, Real Bookies offers a free signup period that lasts four weeks – three weeks longer than what 24-7 Bookie offers.

The differences between Real Bookie and 24-7 Bookie may be a little bit tougher to spot when you first start comparing the two organizations.  However, the long-terms savings that Real Bookie can offer agents that want to provide more for their customers allow it to rise to the top.

13. Bookem Direct vs RealBookies

Sportsbook/Racebook BettingNoYes
Casino BettingNoYes
Mobile Phone BettingNoYes
Live BettingNoYes

Why Real Bookies Wins Out

Real Bookies shines in comparison to Bookem Direct in many different ways.  The most obvious difference is the sportsbook, racebook, and casino categories.  While agents can use these services through Bookem Direct, they aren’t set up as part of a set pay per head package like the ones that Real Bookies feature.

Instead, Bookem Direct charges access individually to the services which ultimately can make its rates spike if an agent is not careful.  Real Bookies on the other hand offers a basic price of $10/head for their services.

Additionally, Bookem Direct does not offer any mobile phone betting service.  Real Bookies does, which makes them a solid choice for agents that want to cater to on the go payers.

Finally, Real Bookies gets another nod by allowing its agents to supply live betting to its customers.  This is a huge feature that lets bookies open up hundreds of other exciting in-game wagering opportunities.  It is also a feature that Bookem Direct does not offer its agents.

When all of these differences are combined, it becomes pretty easy to see that Real Bookies is in a class by itself when compared to Bookem Direct.  From set price points to extra features, there is really little comparison.