Run and Manage an Efficient Bookie Business With Pay Per Head

Modern technology combined with sophisticated software solutions make every business process easier to run. Quick Books became a highly popular accounting software tool. Office 365 is used by business owners in any number of different capacities.

Private bookies running and managing an independent bookmaking operation can turn to specialized pay per head software solutions to add business efficiencies to the process.

The Nuts and Bolts of Pay Per Head Software Solutions

Sometimes, there is a certain level of confusion in the general term ‘pay per head.’ This term is often used to describe specific business software that was designed to automate a bookie business while also operating it online.

The actual term pay per head refers to a specific business model. If you need a basic accounting system for your small business, you can actually purchase Quick Books at a fairly inexpensive price. The same could be said for Office 365.

Software designed for sports betting is a much more complicated application. The software is a big part of the automation process. However, pay per head services also provide the operational sports betting platform to run and manage that business online.

The cost of duplicating this package is completely out of range for the average private book. Pay per head sites give you the ability to simply pay for what you use.

Through a low, weekly per head fee for each active bettor you represent (around $10 per head on the average), you receive everything you need to automate that business while running it on line.

For example, if you have 10 active weekly bettors at $10 per head, you total weekly cost to run and manage your bookie business is just $100.

Many of the top-rated pay per head sites start offering quantity discounts on that weekly fee for as few as 30 active bettors.

It Makes Business Sense to Go With PPH Bookie Solutions

More than a few private bookmakers try and go it alone when it comes to bookie software solutions. However, they only get so far. You might get away with servicing a handful of sports bettors as a side hobby but this is no way to run a viable bookmaking operation.

Another important consideration is the actual PPH service you turn to. In an overcrowded marketplace, there is a floating scale of quality when it comes to bookie services providers. This can range from poor all the way up to the best the industry has to offer.

What is truly amazing about this scale is the minimal difference in the actual pay per head fees. A cheap cut-rate price is almost guaranteed to offer cheap and unreliable online service. However, the “best of the best” in the pay per head industry do not really cost all that much more.

As mentioned, for around $10 per active betting head per week, you can employ a quality pay per head service offering a comprehensive bookie services plan.

By going with a top-rated PPH service, you will create a high level of business efficiencies for your independent bookie business.

If fact, the “best of the best” in today’s PPH industry have internal operating systems that would rival what the biggest commercial sportsbooks are using to power their online sports betting platform.