Run Your Own March Madness Pool

As college basketball’s regular season continues to wind down through the month of February, most bettors are already making plans for March Madness. This year’s NCAA Tournament is already shaping up to be one of the best in years with any number of teams in contention for a national title.

Along with betting on the actual tournament games themselves, another popular way for getting in on all the action is NCAA Tournament bracket contests. If you are a bookie agent looking to build your overall betting handle for college basketball this March, running your own bracket contest can be an excellent added source of revenue.

NCAA Tournament Bracket Promotions

Many of the top-rated pay per head sites for bookie software services have the necessary solutions to incorporate contests into your gaming options. This includes survivor pools and squares contests for football season. When March rolls around, you will have the ability to stage your own college basketball bracket contests.

To get a jump on things, you could start off the month with smaller bracket contests for the biggest conference tournaments covering the ACC, Big 12 and Big Ten. If your bookie business caters to a specific regional betting base, you can create a bracket pool for any of the 30-plus conference tournaments that will be taking place.
Moving on to the main event, your bookie software package has everything you need to create a NCAA Tournament bracket contest that can accommodate as many participants as possible.

If you are looking to use this March Madness Pool as a promotional incentive, you can tie free entries to anything you want.

For example, a free entry could be tied to straight bets on the point spread or total line for the individual tournament games. The more games one of your customers actually wagers on, the more free entries they earn.

March Madness Pools for Profit

Another approach to running your own NCAA Tournament bracket contest is to charge an entry fee to enter. The money collected in entry fees could be pooled and used for prizes. If you decided to charge $10 per entry and you were looking to have one hundred participants, you could use $500 for prizes while putting another $500 in your pocket.

Today’s sophisticated gaming software for contests and money pools gives you the ultimate flexibility to vary every one you run. For example, you could run three different NCAA Tournament bracket pools with various entry fees.

The $10 pool would be geared towards the general public. You can offer a second contest with a $100 entry fee to raise the stakes. If you are working with some high volume bettors, setting the entry fee at $1000 would let these entrants put some serious skin in the game.

Getting Started With Contest Software

As mentioned, a few of the highest rated PPH bookie software providers will include solutions for running a variety of contests and pools. As part of your search process for the best possible PPH site for your bookie business, make sure to check each site’s entire suite of gaming software products.

We are now including add-on gaming software options for contests and money pools at no added cost to your weekly pay per head plan.