Running a Profitable Online Racebook With Pay Per Head

Pay per head software solutions packages were initially designed to help private bookmakers operate their business online. Just like the offshore sportsbooks first used the internet to cater to the lucrative US sports betting market as a whole, private bookies have easy access to the same technology and software solutions to reach their individual customer base.

Advances over the years in the pay per head industry have expanded the betting options a private bookie can offer. Right now, one of the fastest growing segments of the entire online gambling industry is betting on horses and even Greyhound dogs through a stand-alone racebook.

Building Multiple Revenue Streams

The same proprietary software solutions that gave rise to privately-held independent sportsbooks has now been adapted to online horse racing. Private bookies can offer the exact same betting services found at live tracks and off-track betting facilities. The biggest difference is your player’s ability to bet the actual races from the comfort of home.

Pay per head racebook solutions have opened the door to every North American track running a daily card. This applies to Thoroughbred racing, harness racing and Greyhound racing at dog tracks. These highly sophisticated solutions also include most international tracks in popular racing geographies such as the UK, France, Japan and Australia.

Most pay per head sites include this racebook option as part of the per head fees paid for each active sports betting customer. Adding this year-long viable revenue stream to the sports betting calendar is a great way to maintain regular weekly cash flow, revenue and net profit to the ebbs and flows of sports betting. This is especially true in the summer months when any number of live tracks are offering daily race cards.

Leveraging a Pay Per Head Racebook’s Reach

Sports may still be the driving force behind your private bookie business. Yet, devoting some serious time and effort to building a horse racing clientele makes good business sense. If you are looking to maximize your earning potential as a bookmaker, you need to establish multiple streams of revenue. If one of those streams is cutoff for one reason or another, your business can still function on a daily and weekly basis.

Horse betting revenue should be at the top of that list for any number of reasons. Today’s top-rated pay per head sites have the ability to basically duplicate the experience of a day at the track. The biggest difference being access to every single track running a daily card.

Whether it is across town at the local race track or halfway around the world at an international track down under, a pay per head’s racebook software solutions package make the most of this online betting activity. Players use the same betting odds at live tracks with all the exact same betting options on the board.

Online Racebook Operations

As a private bookie, you will always have complete control over your online racebook. You set the tracks, betting and credit limits and betting options. Most importantly, you take in the daily revenue and net profit derived from your player’s betting activity.

You never want to give even one customer an excuse to go elsewhere for the betting action they are looking for. Keeping all of your players’ online gambling activity in-house should be a top priority as a full-service bookmaker. Aligning your business with a quality pay per head site can ensure this will always be the case.