Same Software Used By The Major Online Sportsbooks

There is no doubt that you have seen some of those commercials pitching an apparel or equipment product and it tells you to “wear what the pros wear.” That’s effective, right, because it gives you the opportunity to imagine yourself being positioned right next to the best in the business?

Well, there is some of that effect when you adopt the Price Per Head (PPH) model of doing business, which not only makes you LOOK like a pro, it makes you look like a leader in the industry.

That happens because of one thing primarily: when you come aboard with a company like RealBookies to provide you with the PPH package, you are literally using the same software that the leading online sportsbooks in the world are using. So in point of fact, you will look just the same, because you WILL be the same. There’s no two ways about it.

And there is a logical explanation for it.

PPH Solution

You see, the original model for an online sports betting company to operate under was to be a “post-up” shop that accepted deposits from their players, and then allowed the players to play off the available money in the account, as long as it was indeed available. The customer could play right through the online interface, or could use the interface as a reference, while making phone calls into a headquarters where there were representatives on hand to handle the action personally.

It’s a setup that worked very well, and it is absolutely still in use. But there has been an expansion, and a very significant one. Recognizing that there is still some comfort on the part of customers, particularly those who are located in the United States, in dealing with the “local guy,” organizations like made the decision to make all of the features of an actual online sportsbook available to those who were running their own private sports betting operation.

The result is that any bookmaker, wherever he is, can run an operation that mirrors the look, feel and function of any of the major online sportsbooks, and can do so without breaking his own bank. When you deal with RealBookies, you’re looking at a cost to you, the bookmaker, or “agent,” as is the parlance in the Price Per head industry, of just $10 per person per week, for every ACTIVE bettor you would have. And your customers don’t have to worry about having to post money in advance; that is an arrangement you make with them, and you settle with them in the end.

Extended Action

Just like any major sportsbook, they would have access to a substantial number of betting opportunities. If you are running out of a small office and have a limited number of clients, you’re dealing football, basketball and baseball, along with other major events, but you probably don’t have the inclination to deal with soccer in various leagues around the world. You might not have odds on the fight that is being televised on Showtime or ESPN that week. You may not have anything on the matchups taking place in a tennis tournament, or in the head-to-head propositions that might attract some interest in golf or auto racing.

But you see, you get all of that capability when you sign up with a price per head service like RealBookies, because if you so choose, the entire menu of items is put before your customers in turnkey fashion. You don’t have to do anything except reel in more clients, although we trust that you might want to fiddle around with the lines a little, to reflect your own exposure, or to eliminate some events totally. It is all up to you.

Racing Action

And with RealBookies, you’ll have a chance to take horse racing action for any major track in the country. Let’s face it; horses may not be a significant part of your business, but if one of your customers wants to bet a race every once in a while, you certainly don’t want him going over to one of your competitors, or to an online sportsbook, in order to do it. The fact that you have all of this availability, as well as all the efficiency, including the “shopping cart” apparatus, of any top-of-the-line sportsbook, helps you to retain customers.

And then there is the casino, which you can offer your customers as well. This will resemble the best any online operation has at his disposal, and for good reason, because it WILL be what the top online operations have.

With RealBookies, not only can you “wear what the pros wear,” you will BE the pro!