San Jose: A Sports Crazed City | Money to Burn

The city of San Jose, California is nestled in the Bay Area and has always been the step child to San Francisco, until now! San Jose has come along and absolutely destroyed the competition around them with high-tech. Along with that high-tech comes a boons-worth of high paying jobs. The average salary in San Jose is a whopping $84, 190. Along with the boon comes a high price of living and the average is just over 48% higher than the national average. Goods, services, and rent – they are not cheap in San Jose! Folks that move there know this and most folks that move there have money. San Jose has it’s poor areas just as any booming city does, but this town is wealthy. They have money to burn and they love to gamble on sports.

  • Now that San Jose tips the scales at close to 1,000, 000 in population, sports is a big deal. The Sharks are the only major league franchise in town but think about the surrounding areas of San Francisco, Sacramento, and Oakland. There are many professional options which include the 49’ers, the Oakland A’s, the Giants, the Kings, and the Warriors. The entire area is ripe for sports bettors and an even bigger boon for the bookies.

What the pay per head industry works for San Jose—

  • Bettors in San Jose have a pile of money to bet on sports, their bankroll coffers are full and running over. The difficult thing is pinning these people down, they work all hours of the day and night. This is a good thing for the online bookie. Online bookmakers are finding that some of their very best clients are coming from the Bay area and San Jose more specifically.
  • The folks are private, they do not want you knowing their business, they want to gamble, and they want to spend money – in private. The online sportsbook works perfect for them. They can gamble at home, or at work, and believe it, they will gamble at work.

What you must do as a bookie to swing them your way—

  • You must offer the best pay per head-sports book possible. These folks are smart gamblers, they know the industry and they know how to find the competition. You must offer them bonuses, player incentives and free contests. These bettors love this stuff. Look, the average bettor in San Jose has a ton of frequent flyer miles and they use them to go to Vegas. Vegas and Reno are both close by and they visit often. What you must do is bring Vegas and Reno into their homes. Make them feel as if it’s the next best thing to the real deal.
  • You may have existing players, make the most of them. Going online doesn’t mean you can’t still be the corner bookie, no, just the opposite. Keep your day job! Continue to recruit at the bar and local joints. These guys will flood you with business when they learn you have taken the sportsbook online.

What does a pay per head do for you?

  • A while label pay per head offers your clients an online sportsbook, racebook and las Vegas style casino, all in one place. Now you can rest easy knowing that your clients simply have to log into their online account and start betting with you.
  • The PPH takes care of everything from accounting, to setting the daily events, including the lines and odds. You are in charge, if you do not like something that you see from the lines and odds, remember – this is your website and your sportsbook, you can change the lines and odds.
  • The PPH takes care of all bet grading. This is done within five minutes of the event ending. You no longer have to do the grunt work. The long-tired grind is over, now you can kick back and start enjoying the fruits of your labor.

San Jose is on the verge of busting out, these people love hip, they love hi-tech, and they love to gamble. Find that great Pay per head and get your month-long free trial. Don’t delay, the busy season is nearing.