Set up a Bracket Pool for The Knockout Stage

It’s almost time for the start of another FIFA World Cup, and some of the world’s best soccer players will take to the pitch. Group play is what kicks off the FIFA World Cup action, but the real fun begins once we reach the Knockout Stage.

The field is whittled down to just 16 teams for the Knockout Stage, and all it takes is one loss, and that country is eliminated. Not only does this round provide plenty of great entertainment, but it also provides a chance to set up a bracket pool for yourself and your friends.

Brackets are more closely associated with another sporting event, but it works for the World Cup as well.

Make the Preparations

One nice thing about setting up a pool for the Knockout Stage of the WC is that you have plenty of time to prepare. This is an event that only happens once every four years, and you can use all of that time to make the initial preparations.

You don’t want to wait around until a week or two before the World Cup starts to begin making plans, as that’s simply too late. Find the perfect time to get your pool up and running and start looking for people that might be interested in playing.

Send out those invitations so that everyone is all signed up and ready to go before the pairings for the knockout stage are set.

Figure Out the Scoring System

Getting people set up for your bracket pool is obviously an important step, but there are other preparations that you need to make. One of the essential things to think about is the scoring system that you are planning to use.

The most basic type of scoring system gives one point for a first-round win, and then you increase the number of points for every additional round. You don’t have to do it that way, but you will have to make sure that you communicate your scoring system to all of your participants.

Most bracket pools will take care of doing all of the scoring for you if you set this up online, while others will require you to do the work as well.

Everyone Loves Brackets

The most famous bracket contests take place during the NCAA Tournament every year, but people are always looking for this type of game. Bracket pools just provide so much fun, and this is a sporting event that is even bigger than the NCAA Tournament.

One nice feature about a FIFA World Cup bracket pool is that you can turn this into an international competition. This tournament brings in people from all over the world, and everyone will be following along with the action.

Setting up a bracket pool will also give you another reason to watch the action, and this is something that you don’t want to miss. Use the FIFA World Cup as a way to have some fun and set up a nice contest for yourself and your buddies.