Shore Up Your Online Betting Business With Real Bookies Pay Per Head

The current coronavirus outbreak is a harsh reminder of just how vulnerable any business or industry can be to something completely out of your control. Costly business mistakes and bad decisions that cost you money fall onto your shoulders. Steps are taken to correct the problem and you move on. Dire outside situations that rip into you bottom line can only be managed to the best of your ability. This too shall pass but taking the proper steps now can lessen the impact.

Live sports will return to your betting board and life will move on. Minimizing the deadly impacts of this virus needs to be society’s primary concern. Still, you need to develop a plan of action that gives your bookie business the best chance to weather the storm before returning to calmer conditions.

The term “shore up” refers to taking something that could possibly fail and strengthening it to the point where failure is not an option. Right now, there are ways to shore up you bookie business in light of these uncertain times. This is where a company such as Real Bookies becomes that silent business partner that every private bookie needs in good times and in bad.

This pay per head company has been around long enough to know how to weather the storm and shore up its defenses. You do not grow and proper for more than two decades in a highly competitive industry such as online sports betting without doing quite a few things extremely well.

Real Bookies’ Odds and Betting Line Services

With sports leagues and sporting events grounded in the US, it takes the right pay per head bookie services to find whatever else is out their to bet on. The pickings may be slim, but NBA, NHL and MLS fans can turn to international leagues that are still competing on the court, ice or soccer field.

These are the same sports as US professional leagues on hiatus just with different teams. There are a number of exciting ways you can market international sporting events to your current sports betting base. You might even be able to attract some new betting customers through these same marketing efforts.

Real Bookies not only provides your bookie operation with a highly professional online business presence, it also helps you market your services through a custom business website.

Real Bookies’ Expanded Racebook

The show continues to go on at many of the country’s most popular race tracks for betting horses. The crowds may be gone but each track’s daily race card remains in place. Real Bookies can provide access to every track that continues to offer live daily racing through its extended racebook software solutions package.

Since there are more than 70 horse racing tracks in North America alone, there is a good chance that each of your players can find something of betting interest on a daily basis.

Real Bookies’ Full-Service Online Casino

Another great way to maintain weekly cash flow while sports betting is down is through real money online casino games.

From slots and video poker to table games for all the most popular casino gambling activities, Real Bookies offers an online casino software solution that can provide easy access to more than 100 different games.

As a private bookie, you will always have complete control over betting limits for everything you offer on your casino floor.

Also keep in mind that running your own racebook and online casino comes at no extra cost. Per head fees only apply to active weekly bettors.