Skin in The Game With a Pay Per Head Bookie Services Provider

Anyone can run and manage their own private bookmaking operation. The cost barriers to entry are low thanks to the pay per head industry. All you need is some cash reserves to more than cover the weekly action coming in assuming you already have some sports betting customers lined up.

Other than actual paying customers, there are not any other prerequisites to being a private bookie to a certain extent. You should have a working knowledge of the sports betting industry. While it would help if you were actually a subject matter expert, many bookies have made an adequate living for themselves with limited industry knowledge.

You should also have some sort of computerized software in place to take these bets since the majority of sports betting actual takes place through online betting sites. This is where the pay per head bookie services provider stakes their claim in the online sports betting industry.

The Basic Pay Per Head Business Model

Since it would be highly cost prohibitive to acquire the necessary online software tools to run a bookie business on your own, pay per head sites have made the necessary online betting software applications available through a special lease arrangement.

With no upfront cost, you can receive everything you need to successfully run and manage your own independent sportsbooks for one, low weekly fee charged for each of your active betting customers.

If one of your players does not place any bets in one week’s time (usually Monday through Sunday), you will not be charged a weekly few for that particular customer. This makes it very easy to pinpoint your exact operating cost from one week to the next. This also makes it very cost efficient to take your bookie business online.

Where things start to get interesting is when it comes to getting everything you need. A bargain basement weekly fee usually results in bargain basement service. The pay per head industry still falls into the category of getting what you pay for.

Fortunately, there are some first rate software solutions packages available at a very affordable price. As long as you take the time to perform your own due diligence in the matter, you should be able to find a quality pay per head bookie services provider that can meet (and hopefully) exceed your needs and expectations.

Investing Time Into Your PPH Investment

Just because there are no long-term strings attached to the majority of pay per head bookie software plans does not imply that you should not take the time to get to know as much as possible about the PPH service you eventually sign on with.

Additional business support in the form of a personal account manager is a great starting point. Having someone you can turn to with a wealth of both sports betting experience and a strong working knowledge of online gambling software applications can be a major plus.

Also, finding an in-house customer service staff that also has a strong background in the online gambling industry should be part of your search for the right PPH site.

This is the type of business decision that you will want to get right the first time. From that point, you can fuel your businesses growth with a pay per head site that does have a genuine vested interest in your current and future success.