South Carolina: A Sports Betting Mecca

You may or may not realize it, but South Carolina is a sports hub with tons of betting options and even better, the state is sandwiched between two sports juggernauts with North Carolina to the north and Georgia to the south. Smack-dab in the middle of the Atlantic coast sets South Carolina and these folks are crazy about their sports teams. Not only are they crazy about their sports teams in South Carolina, but there are also tens of thousands of transplants residing in the state. No matter where you go in South Carolina, you will be within a day or less of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Washington D.C., Indiana, Tennessee, and even New York, and New Jersey. In other words, if the good folks that live in South Carolina don’t often bet on South Carolina teams, they are for sure betting on the surrounding states.

Along with a diverse culture and big cities such as Columbia, and Charleston, South Carolina boast two very big and ever-important universities in Clemson and The University of South Carolina. These two schools are huge, and they have built a fan base around the entire United States. The Clemson Tigers are currently the reigning champions of NCAA Football and have arguably the best fan base in the nation. Folks like to bet on the Tigers, but they appreciate money more than loyalty. Vegas has set a high standard for Clemson and every week they are huge favorites. This is much to live up to and it’s a difficult task covering these spread every week. There is betting value from week-to-week and players want in.

  • Price Per Head Sportsbooks—Bookies on the east coast are loving what the price per head industry can do for them. The price per head provider has gained strength in the last couple of years by 100-fold. They have been around for a long time, however, not that many independent bookies used their services due to the high cost.
  • The high cost has changed. In the bad old days, the price of doing business with a PPH was upwards of $25. Who could afford that? Nobody could and nobody would. The PPH industry has revamped itself and they have had to come up with a business model that has appeal.
  • The very best PPH providers in the gambling industry such as and a few others have figured out what bettors want, and they have figured out that bettors from South Carolina want to bet in their state and not fly to Vegas every weekend!
  • Now that sports gambling is legal in states other than Nevada, bettors are desperately holding out hope that their state will be the next one to jump on board and allow brick and mortar sportsbooks. This will be a great thing and it will only boost the business of the online guys for more than one reason.
  • The number one reason bettors will cling to the online guys – Taxes. The taxes are going to be high and they are going to hit like a ton of bricks. In Nevada, one must report any winnings over $9, 999.99. In the states that are allowing sports gambling, the taxes are immediate, and every win is taxed to the tune of 25-50%! Gamblers want to gamble, but do they want to gamble this bad? Probably not.
  • The PPH providers have created a turnkey software system that literally does the job of a bookie, right down to such details as grading bet slips at the end of the day and setting the daily events along with lines and odds. If you ever thought that you would like to hire a personal assistant but couldn’t afford to do so or couldn’t justify the expense, you’re in luck. Now you can hire that personal assistant, that personal accountant, and that personal bookie – it’s called a ‘price per head’ and the best news is the price itself.

For around $10 per head, you can stop working and let software do your job. The good folks of South Carolina want to bet 24/7 and this means that you must have an online presence. With a PPH, you have the tools to meet your client’s needs and the tools to earn a fantastic income. Call the PPH today and ask for a free trial.