Sports Pools at Your Disposal

One of the best ways to enjoy the sport you love is by entering a sports pool with your colleagues at work, friends at home, or family. These pools run for several weeks, creating a certain bond and competitiveness among participants.

While sports pools are exciting, they can also exhaust you if you are the host. How? By running the pool online, the host spends hours filling out brackets and recording details about the pool.

Yet, you can simplify the process and enjoy the experience like other participants. In fact, you can include over 1000 participants without having to work longer managing your records.

How? You can use software from RealBookies.

You can stick to receiving buy-in to the pool physically and let the software do the heavy lifting. The software makes running a sports pool more convenient as it automates many processes.

Popular Sports Pools Formats

There are several sports betting pool formats you can get when you use the software. These include:

· Brackets

Some reports show that 150 million brackets were filled in 2022. These are the most popular betting formats that your participants will appreciate seeing you provide.

You can develop a unique, rewarding system to get bracket winners. The best event to use this betting format with is March Madness. But, you can also get the brackets for other sports.

· Squares

This format is popular with the Super Bowl event. However, you can also use squares for other events.

Your participants can pick their squares online and view the completed grid on their mobiles. In other words, you do not have to pass around a rsheet of paper through a chain of people.

· Survivor

This format is perfect for National Football League (NFL) events. But, other events will also work perfectly.

How does it work? Participants pick one winner each week. The longest surviving participant wins a huge prize.

Utilizing this format ensures that all participants are active weekly. This makes the sports pool more fun.

Sports pools are fun. They are one of the events with millions of participants, and you cannot miss out. However, managing a sports pool without technology is exhausting.

You can make running a sports pool fun by using the software. Contact RealBookies and set up an online sports pool for soccer, March Madness, National Basketball Association (NBA), or any other event you have in mind. You will love the software’s convenience, user-friendliness, and different betting formats.