Price Per Head Software

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For over 15 years Real Bookies has successfully assisted bookmakers from around the world  to take wagers from thousands of players on a pay per head basis.

We now offer both the DGS and ASI betting software so you can choose.

Our state-of-the-art bookie software and the dedication from all of our clerks, lines people, managers and partners have made our price per head sportsbook solution one of the fastest growing and most reliable sports bookmaking software provider names in the industry.

Word of mouth is the number reason new agents sign up at RealBookies, which speaks to the high quality of service provided to both agents and their players.

Upon becoming a member of the Realbookies family, you will receive your own personal assistant who will be there to answer any questions you may have about the company and how to grow your business using our pay per head sportsbook.

Joining Realbookies will make your operation become par and level the playing field with the biggest online gaming companies in the world. The betting software you and your players will be getting is the same by the biggest online sportsbooks today.

The best part is, what took these online gaming companies many years of hard work and several thousands of dollars to develop, you get in a few minutes with our price per head service.

Our sports book software and team will also save you time and to become more efficient with the daily activities that come with being a bookmaker.

No more writing down bets on paper and taking calls from players all hours of the day and night. Now all that tedious stuff will be handled by us along with the ability to bet on horses and casino games for one low price.

Several detailed reports are offered to agents which include up to the minute win/loss activity, betting trends by player, pending wagers, lifetime record and many more reports too numerous to mention here.

Our PPH software allows you to customise your own lines that fit your player profile. This gives you as a bookmaker the advantage and freedom of setting the odds that gives you an edge over your players.

Your players will be able to wager on sports worldwide 24/7 including but not limited to  football, basketball, hockey, soccer baseball, tennis, and cricket for a low price of only $10 per head via phone or online.

We also offer live in game betting on most sports so now your players can wager even after the game has started. That’s not all, your clients will also be able to bet on horses,  play casino, both software based and live dealer for the same low price of $10.

Our software is optimized for mobile use so your players can now bet and play casino from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our customer support is second to none. When contacting us, you can be assured that our customer service representatives will be knowledgeable, courteous, and will solve your problem in a timely manner.

We offer all of our agents quality lines, reliable network stability and fast service. Sign up or call now, for a no obligation free 2 week trial, and find out why more agents are moving their players to a more experienced and reliable pay per head sportsbook in Realbookies.

What Can Realbookies Do for Your Bookmaking Business?

Do you want to take your bookmaking business to the next level? If so, we have some exciting opportunities for you to do so. You are well aware of the many challenges you face as someone who offers sports wagering services to a specific group of clients.

For example, if your clients choose so, at any moment they could potentially take their business online where they can make their wagers whenever they want. Plus, when it comes to what they can bet on, your customers will find they have a wider array of choices.

An online sportsbook solution can provide both you and your clientele with a way to make the wagering process much more convenient. You are going to be hard pressed to keep up if you are still running your enterprise the old way. Once you fall behind, it is hard to stop.

Why Would You Keep Doing Things the Old and Inefficient Way?

When running a traditional bookmaking business, there are a broad range of headaches involved. On your cellphone, you are constantly receiving phone calls. The entirety of your schedule has to be recounted each time by you or one of your clerks.

There are a bunch of people involved in the record keeping, thus increasing the chances of someone committing an error that loses you clients and money as well.

When you are dealing with errors, you have to spend additional time managing your employees. This takes time away from providing services to your clientele. Is this the most efficient use of your time? Also, wouldn’t you like to do away with your paper trail? When there is a way for you to do all of this better, why would you keep running your bookmaking business the old way?

Use State of the Art Technology to Your Advantage

The big dogs have already brought their business into the 21st century to keep exposure and errors at a minimum and increase productivity. If you are ready to update your enterprise, then the way to go is to rent an online sports betting software through a pay per head (PPH) service for those who want to take care of things in a turnkey fashion.

Since the software fills the roles that typically fall to your workers, you are going to save big on man hours. This, in turn, will save you money. You are also going to win in other ways as you have more time to grow your enterprise by finding more clients to bring in.

How Does PPH Work?

Now that we have your attention and you are ready to bring your business to the next level, you may be wondering how it works. At first, for most people, the concept of price per head or pay per head is complicated. Essentially, by using an automated internet based system, an onshore bookmaker can completely anonymously supply his customers with post up offshore sportsbook services through PPH.

You can contend with the major offshore sportsbooks when you use an online PPH company because you will be able to provide 24 hour betting every day of the year. Using the software company’s online system, a bookmaker using a PPH company will assign clientele with a PIN and password. For a modest weekly service fee, your clients can wager whenever they want.

With the service, you can:

1. Reach a level where you can compete with the largest sportsbooks on the planet.

2. Say good bye to frantic phone calls at all hours.

3. Save money on hiring employees.

4. Offer your clients a wider array of wagering options.

5. Increased Flexibility in Wagering. System Fully Optimized for Computer, Mobile and Phone Betting.

If you choose so, there is an almost endless variety of betting options available. These options are not just limited to sportsbooks. They can include access to live casinos and horseracing. A weekly report is made available for download in your agent backend that tells you whether you should collect from or pay each client.

The per head concept has exploded in popularity in recent years due to how simple it is to use. Bookies can now provide their clients with a lot more services in a quick manner when compared to past business models. Customers can place bets on their own once they have their username and password.

All you need to do is direct them to the phone number or website.
The bookie only has to do the job of collecting or paying based on the weekly reports he receives, since the price per head service and client do most of the work. For each of the clients who place a bet in a certain week, all you have to do is pay a small fee for the freedoms provided by PPH services.

You Can Make Your Own Lines

When you are running your own bookmaking business, you are dealing with a small sample of the betting population. This means that your client base may be more volatile than the population as a whole. So, compared to a larger operation, a big bet coming in on one side will have a greater impact on your operation.

If you are like most bookies, you start by using the opening line as it is listed by the big dogs, but then you start to adjust it to fit your enterprise as bets come in. You have the ability to do this with the PPH services. On any event you need to, you can go into the back end and change the numbers.

Whether the bettor is phoning in to the call center or wagering online, the event will be offered at the price you set. This gives you complete control over your situation.
To steer your business in whichever way you want, you need to have flexibility. You get something that is completely customizable to your needs when you make use of sports betting software.

You simply must make PPH and and their online sports betting software part of your business model if you want to maintain an advantage over your competition. Act now and grow!

For a more in depth explanation on the pay per head business, please click here.