Standard MLB Offerings We Offer

As a agent you need to really understand how important baseball season is. We know it’s not as big of a sport as football, and with March Madness ending, some would think that the US sports scene “dies down”.

But to keep your sportsbook moving forward you need your players to bet on baseball. We have already talked about futures betting, prop betting and live betting platform you can offer your players.

Today we want to put it all together for you. There are so many different combinations of bets a player can make on Major League Baseball and we are going to give you a sample of them.

Let’s take some time and look at the different offerings available through your sportsbook for baseball season.

The Standard Betting Offerings

Every sport has it’s core betting types. Baseball has three main types of things most people bet on.

1) MoneyLine: This is probably the most common type of bet made by baseball bettors. This is simply when a player bets on a team to win the game, straight up.

2) RunLine: The RunLine is baseballs version of a “spread bet”. Most RunLines are set at a team -1.5 runs or +1.5 runs. Larger odds are placed on these types of bets because your players are betting on a team to win by 2 runs or more.

3) Totals: The third standard betting option for baseball is the over/under offering. Your players can bet on how many runs will be scored by both teams combined in the game. For instance, the over/under for a normal baseball game is around 8.5 runs.

Extra Betting Options

One of the benefits of being an agent with is that our software also offers a number of extra offerings during baseball season. Not every sportsbook accepts all of these types of bets — but you can. But first your players need to KNOW ABOUT IT.

Remember, the more bets your players place — the better off you are as an agent. So communicate with your players and let them know about these other MLB offerings we have available to them.

Team to score first – Simple. Bet on which team will score first in any given MLB game.

Score in the first Inning – Will there be a score by either team in the first inning of a given MLB game.

Total H+R+E – This is a fun bet for baseball fans. They can bet on the over/under of the total amount of Hits + Runs + Errors in a given game.

Alternative RunLines – We discussed what a RunLine bet was above. The Alternative RunLine means you can actually bet on the Underdog to win by -1.5 runs. You get great odds by doing so.

Team Totals – Similar to the game total but your players can bet on the number of runs scored by an individual team.

Player Total Bases – These prop style bets are fun when you are watching the game. Our software sets lines for how many “total bases” a given player will get in a single game.

These are just a sample of the different types of offerings you can offer your players this and every baseball season. As the season progresses, more and more of these types of offerings will be added.

We will close by sounding like a broken record. You (as the agent) benefit with more bets. Informing your player base of the different type of baseball bets can drastically increase the amount of wagers made during baseball season.