Start Setting Up a Bracket for March Madness

March is a special time of the year. It is the only time most people are glued to televisions and internet devices for a good reason. Usually, people are glued to these devices at other times of the year, keeping up with popular reality shows, memes, and social life.

In March, most of these device users follow March Madness. It is a time when most people want to see how their school or former school is doing. It is time to look forward to a specific school taking the ultimate national championship.

Several months before the basketball tournament begins, people start signing up with different bookies and online sportsbooks. This makes now the right time to set up a bracket for the NCAA Tournament.

You probably have the NCAA Tournament printable bracket by now. However, you can ditch that and adopt a more efficient way to set up a bracket.

Setting Up a Bracket is Pretty Straightforward

Managing a printable bracket can be difficult, especially when those participating are from different parts of your neighborhood or different floors or corners in the office. This makes an online bracket the most efficient. Anyone can log in and make their selections as long as they have an internet connection and phone/desktop.

At RealBookies, we have an online tool bracket. You can check it out and ask your participants to fill out the brackets.

Clients can begin picking winners from the start. This means selecting a winner of the first 32 games between 64 school teams.

You can also collect money at this stage. However, consider the local rules about gambling and pools.

You should also consider the scoring system. For instance, you can agree that correct predictions for the first round will translate to one point, two points for the second round, and so forth.

The other step is to count points after every round. Our online tool calculates these points automatically. However, you can also calculate manually.

The goal of this step is to see who has the most points. It is an interesting way to engage participants as they follow the winning progress.

You will have a winner at the end of the NCAA tournament. You might also decide to reward winners for each round.

Set Up Your Bracket Today

Running a pool is one of the best ways to improve the atmosphere at your workplace. You can engage everyone, including the bosses. But, you might feel intimidated to set up a bracket if you have never done it before.

Fortunately, RealBookies can help with that. The best part is that you still have some time to learn how to run a bracket for March Madness. Co