Take Advantage of the Weekly Balance Report

As an independent sports bookie, you make your money on the hold percentage that is generated by your overall sports betting handle. Your hold is the difference between the money paid out on winning bets and the money collected on losing bets plus the commission (or juice) charged to book that wager.

In a perfect world, your hold percentage should equal the juice charged to book the bets taken in. For example, if you charge the standard 10% juice on every losing bet, your hold should also equal 10%.

Unfortunately, you do not operate your bookie business in a perfect environment. Some weeks, your hold might exceed 10% when a good deal of the bets went your way. Other weeks could actually dip into the red if your betting base won the majority of their bets.

Understanding how your weekly sports betting handle relates to your average weekly hold is vital to making a profit and reaching the financial goals you have set for your bookie operation.

Automate the Process with Pay Per Head

The primary benefits from working with a quality pay per head bookie software solutions provider are twofold. First, this gives you the ability to fully automate your bookie business through an internal operating system using advanced gaming technology.

The other primary benefit is the ability to operate your business online. The top PPH services in the bookmaking industry are based in Costa Rica. By signing on with one of these sites, you can move your bookie business offshore while also running and managing it online through an advanced sports betting platform.

This is the only secure way to protect your financial interests while also safeguarding any sensitive data that is connected with the online activity of your entire active betting base.

Pay Per Head Business Analytics

As part of the process that goes into running and managing a private bookmaking business, you need fast and easy access to real time business reports that track and monitor the daily and weekly betting action coming in.

You also need a suite of player management software tools that can track and monitor each one of your active betting customers.

Through the use of an online bookie dashboard, you will have the ability to maintain a high level of control over your entire operation.

The ultimate goal of any PPH software suite is to eliminate any guesswork in the decision making process. Working with real time data lets you take full advantage of opportunities ahead of time while also avoiding any unwanted issues that need to be dealt with after the fact.

Pay Per Head Weekly Balance Reports

The best way to track both your sports betting handle and your hold on that volume is on a weekly basis. There are a number of different PPH reports to accomplish this task.

When it comes to tracking your business on an account-by-account basis, the weekly balance report gives you a concise and accurate picture of each of your active bettor’s overall situation.

This report can be broken down in a number of different ways. You can track a player’s daily activity across your sportsbook, racebook and casino depending on the gaming options you offer.

The PPH weekly balance report will also provide a comprehensive summary of your entire active betting base as the ultimate player management tool.