Taking Action on NFL Draft Props with Pay Per Head

As a private bookie, you should always be looking for opportunities to add some solid profit to your bottom line. April is a busy time of the year with the NBA and NHL playoffs getting underway just as the new MLB regular season starts to build some traction.

When you throw in horse racing with the Kentucky Derby Trail as well as weekly events for professional golf, motor sports, soccer and fight cards for boxing and MMA, there is no shortage of events to add to your weekly betting board. Even with all this action in play, you need to keep in mind which sport and, in particular, which professional league still commands the most attention from your average sports bettor; the NFL.

Prop Bets

The 2018 NFL Draft is less than two weeks away and now is the time to start adding any number of prop bet odds to your betting board with the help of your Pay Per Head online sports betting software provider. It is betting events such as this when your price per head shop earns the weekly fee they charge for each of your active betting customers. Betting on props in general has become big business for the big offshore sportsbooks taking action online. There is no reason why you cannot grab a piece of this action as part of successfully running and managing your own independent sportsbook.

One of your priorities as a private bookie is to partner with your Pay Per Head site to level the playing field against the big online books that will go to great lengths to attract sports bettors to their million-dollar websites. You have all the business tools you need to compete as a full-service bookmaking operation with the right PPH service.

Customer Service

A big reason to add NFL draft props to your board is as a customer service to your players. People obviously love to bet on the NFL at any time of the year no matter what kind of action is on the board. The idea of betting on the annual draft in the form of a grocery list of special props continues to grow in popularity every year. You can choose to pass on this one-of-a-kind betting opportunity if you want, but you also must be willing to accept the risk that a few of your betting clientele will turn elsewhere to place their bets. It is never a smart business practice to give your customers a reason to go elsewhere for something you can easily provide.

Yield Return

The biggest reason to add NFL draft props to your board is the money that can be made on bets of this nature. Who knows how many quarterbacks will be chosen in the first round. All you need to worry about is moving money in the direction that will yield the biggest return for you. Betting props in general is nothing more than making an educated guess and, as a private bookie, you can set the odds in any way you see fit in an effort to move your betting customers in one direction over the other.

As part of that low, weekly price per head fee you pay, you have fast and easy access to all the betting lines you need, when you need them. You also have the ability to move your own betting lines and to change your betting board to best suit your individual business needs. Adding a list of NFL draft props to your board can also be a way of attracting some new business to your bookmaking service. Adding a few players now looking to bet on offseason NFL bets could translate to some major earnings if you hold onto those customers once the new regular season of game to bet on gets underway.

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