Tennessee: A Gambling Paradise

The state of Tennessee is a gambling hotbed from corner to corner. Think about sports venues and teams that call this state home. The Titans, The Memphis Grizzlies, The UT Volunteers (NCAA BB, FB- Men and Women), The Memphis Tigers (NCAA BB, FB- Men and Women), the list is long with the like of Austin Peay, Belmont, Chattanooga, Lipscomb, Middle Tennessee, UT Martin, and Vanderbilt. There are too many more teams to mention here but you can believe, they all get bet on heavily. Bettors from Tennessee are faithful to their sports and if you don’t believe that, just ask a Volunteers fan who “the man” is. They still remember Peyton. The Tennessee fans are faithful to a fault and this is where you come in. As a bookie you must capitalize on the betting opportunity that abounds from border to border across this great state. The high season is here with the NBA starting in a few days, college basketball right around the corner and college football and the NFL in the thick of it all. Now is the time to make a serious income as a bookie and Tennessee is ready to pay you.

  • Find an online presence with a fantastic pay per head: The pay per heads have taken over the online gaming market and for good reason, Bookies have no choice, they must be online. If you want to keep your clients, then you must have an online presence, or you will lose them.
  • We have heard all of the excuses and we have seen all of the rebuttals. They sound like this – “I am not online, and my clients are still here”. “Going online just convolutes everything, why muddy the waters when I have a nice client base here in my neighborhood?” Listen, we know you know how to find clients and that’s a great thing, we hope you keep it up. The more clients you have the better your profit margins will be. What we are here to remind you of is this; your clients will never tell you or make it a point to call you and say “hey listen, I have been betting with XYZ company when I can’t reach you on the phone. No, they are going to take the high road, they are going to be nice and be quiet about where they are spending their money when you are not in the picture.
  • Have an online presence so that your clients can gamble against you 24/7. You need the money to stay in house. You want the cross-action, but you won’t get it if you are not open 24-hours a day. Now you can be with a pay per head. The online presence is a tool to help you grow but a better tool to help you retain what you already have.
  • Stop Killing Yourself: This bookie business is not easy work. Many folks thin this job is a glamour gig and they envision bookies walking around with stacks of hundreds all day. Get real! We are not saying this job can’t be fun, oh for sure it can be, but you must be prepared, or this job will be the biggest headache of your life.
  • You must set the daily lines and odds and they had better be sharp or your clients will shop around for better lines. You must set the daily betting activities and organize them in such a way that your players know how to find them and what to bet when they want to bet it.
  • It is your job to stay on top of the money at all times and know exactly when each and every bettor wins and when they lose. You must have a great budget in place, or you will lose your shirt quickly.
  • The PPH can help you know exactly where you are financially each and every day as well as supply you with on-demand player reports. What your focus should be is worrying about finding more players and how to keep them. You should not be worrying about all of the noise and chatter. Leave that to the PPH, this is why you would choose to pay for this software.

Call the best PPH provider today and get started tonight. It really is this easy and best of all, you get a 4-week free trial. Call them, ask for the trial and you will see for yourself what a boon the PPH industry really is.