Tennis Lines Offered At Real Bookies

When it comes to being an agent at for tennis betting — it is easy as 1-2-3. The players that you have signed up will make wagers with you for tennis matches and then you keep all the winnings.  You online pay a per head fee of $10. This is a concept that is not very hard to comprehend.

As a agent there are betting configurations that you can offer the players that you have. It is important that you let your players know the betting options they have in what line they want to wager on for tennis betting. There are basically three types of tennis line betting options that are available to your players and let’s look at them so you know which ones to offer that can be the best for you.

20-Cent Line

The 20-cent line is the basic way that you should offer tennis betting odds. This line is very similar, and by similar I mean almost identical, to the ones that are used by sportsbooks that are offshore that deal with tennis wagers. Basically, the odds are -110 for both players in the match for even odds and they will go all the way up to -185. When it hits -185 for a match the line will go up when the odds for the favorite in the tennis match increase. The default line will be at 20-cent for your players in your fold, meaning the ones that wager with you. It is a strong recommendation as a per head agent that you use the 20-cent line when you can. This is because this line is easy to understand and can give you the most profit, which is really the name of the game.

10-Cent Line

Let’s say that you have a seasoned and experienced tennis bettor that wants a better, and by better I mean more profitable, option when betting on tennis. If this happens you have the option to give them a 10-cent line when they make bets. Usually a10-cent line is at-105 and it will remain at -105 and then go up to -185 and if this happens it will then turn into a 20-cent line. As stated before the odds will increase in a tennis match as the odds for that favorite increase.

It is key that as an agent you know the odds that you can offer to your players and you do not have to give them a better line right away. If they make a request for better tennis odds than you have a decision to make. A sharp bettor in your fold may want the best odds possible to increase their profits and you have to decide if you want to give them the better odds or not. If you want to keep them it is recommended that you grant them their request, as while it may reduce your profits that bettor may bet more, which only means more juice for you.

Graduated 10-15-20 Cent Line

The last line that you can offer to your players is the graduated 10-15-20 cent line. This line is in between the 10-cent and 20-cent line and let’s look at it in detail.

10-cent line to 145
15-cents from -146 to -185
20-cents at -185 and continues to increase as the odds on the favorite increase.

You should be aware that not many tennis bettors will use the graduated 10-15-20 cent line. Still, being in between the 10-cent and 20-cent line it may be a good option for you to offer your tennis bettors. Let’s say you have a player that wants better tennis match odds, but they are not one that you make a lot of money on being that they don’t make many bets. You can offer them the graduated 10-15-20 cent line and while it is not as profitable for you as the typical 20-cent line you are keeping your player happy and wagering with you, which only puts more money in your pocket.

Pick A Line For All Of Your Players

As stated before you as an agent have the choice of the line types that you want to give your players. The usual 20-cent line if the one that is used the most often, but if you have players that wager on tennis that want better lines you can give that to them. It is pretty simple, as if you want to keep your tennis bettors with you and they want a better line you should give that to them. You have options when you have players that bet on tennis.

Unlike other sportsbooks gives you the choice to give you players the options of other lines. Again, don’t just give them out, in the 10-cent and graduated 10-15-20 cent line, without thinking about it and seeing if it is beneficial for you. These options will decrease your profit margin, but you also don’t want to lose players. You want to keep them happy and if they want better lines and you want to keep them give those better lines to them.

Get the Juice

The name of the game is getting all the juice you can from tennis betting. To do this you will need your players to make tennis bets with you. The money you make is directly linked to how many wagers are made through you. Yeah, the 20-cent line is the best for you since you can make the most money on that line, but even with a decreased profit margin the more bets you make by making your players happy the better it is for you in the long haul.

Keeping players betting with you is the key since you make money on every single bet made. Offering better odds while decreasing your profit margin maybe something you will have to do to keep your bettors happy. A happy player is one that will make more bets, which means more juice for you. As a agent you have to figure out how to do just that and offering various lines is one way to accomplish that, but it is all up to you.