Tether: What is it and Why You Should Get It

Taking your bookie business online has several advantages, including access to convenient online payment methods. as a pay per head (PPH) bookie, your clients will need to deposit funds to play with on your platform. Meanwhile, you will need a method to deposit your bankroll to your platform and to pay the overhead fee to your PPH service provider.

Tether is one of the best payment methods for bookies. It is a cryptocurrency payment option with a distinction. Below, we find out what Tether is, why you should get it, and what Realbookies is offering to bookies that use it.

What Is Tether?

Tether is a cryptocurrency with one different feature. It is a centralized token, contrary to other decentralized cryptocurrencies.

Tether is backed by the American dollar. As such, most people refer to it as USDT.

This digital currency is unique from others because it is stable. Ideally, one US dollar is equivalent to one USDT.

In other words, Tether does not fluctuate in value. Its value is constant whether there is inflation or not.
The currency is also not volatile like other cryptocurrencies. Therefore, crypto investors do not necessarily invest in it as it does not increase in value. Instead, they use it as a store for value because one USDT is always equal to one USD.

How does it work? First, you have to deposit fiat currency into Tether`s wallet.

Here you can exchange fiat currency for USDT. Ideally, you will get the corresponding digital money in tokens, equivalent to the fiat money you deposited.

Why You Should Get Tether

Tether is widely accepted. It can be used in the place of dollars to pay for different online services.

For instance, your bank might not process payments to a gambling platform. But, you can use Tether, which is widely accepted on gambling platforms, without racing a flag with your bank. This anonymous payment method allows you to transfer fiat money from your bank to a crypto wallet before transferring the money to your pay per head service provider or a gambling platform bankroll account.

RealBookies Is Matching Up Tether Deposits Up Until $200

RealBookies has always had bookies` interests at heart. Among many offers, the pay per head service provider is offering a bonus of up to $200 to bookies that use Tether to deposit until the Super Bowl.

This amount will give any bookie a bankroll boosting, especially the upcoming Super Bowl season. Buy USDT coins today from any platform and use Tether to deposit your funds to get up to a $200 bonus.