The 3 Main Benefits of Real Bookies’ Individual Account Profiles

As a private bookmaker, the first step to taking your business online with Real Bookies pay per head is creating individual account profiles. These will become the basis for every business report included in your pay per head software packages.

There is quite a bit of value to be found in these profiles that can generally be broken down into three main benefits.

Better Understanding of Your Customer Base

By breaking your bookie business down to the individual account level, you will gain keen insight into everyone of your customer’s betting strategies, tendencies and habits.

Sports bettors by nature are creatures of habit. Once you have a firm handle of how each one of your customers likes to bet, you will be able to tailor your overall betting board to meet everyone’s needs.

The last thing you want to do is give any of your customers an excuse to turn to an outside booking source for a bet that was not on your board. Real Bookies has created a working business relationship with the top oddsmaking services in the sports betting industry today. It also employs in-house sports betting experts to ensure that your betting lines are as sharp as possible.

By closing studying each customer’s betting profile, you will develop the necessary skills to anticipate their reaction to the lines posted on your betting board. If there is a heavy lean towards favorites, you can move your betting lines accordingly. In turn, this will always keep you way out in front of the daily and weekly action coming in.

The Ability to Build Your Customer Handle

Using the Real Bookies pay per head business model, you pay the same weekly per head fee for each active customer. It does not matter how much that customer bets each week, the per head fee is the same.

This makes it in your best interest to increase each customer’s weekly handle. You still need to push responsible betting so no one gets in over their head. However, if you can increase each bettor’s handle by $20, you would pretty much cover the entire cost of your pay per head plan.

The easiest way to build each customer’s weekly handle is by increasing your weekly betting options. Once again, this comes down to using those individual account profiles to uncover additional opportunities.

Maybe it is higher payout odds are certain parlay plays which already lean in your favor. You could use reduced juice options to increase play. Adding prop bet options is an excellent way to expand your overall board.

You need to employ every strategy possible to capitalize on the tendencies and habits built into your betting customer base.

Add More Profit to Your Customer’s Betting Action

Building each customer’s overall handle should also increase your overall profit per player. To enhance this result, you can use Real Bookies’ betting board management tools. You will always have the ability to instantly move your betting lines as needed. You can also make changes to your board that best meet your business needs.

Another important management tool lets you quickly adjust any betting and credit limits in place on an account by account basis.

The combination of increased options to build your handle and specialized techniques to manage it will lead to a healthier hold percentage and increased bottom-line profit.