The Bookies True Advantage

A bookies true advantage is the use of a pph software.

Bookies have one inherent responsibility and it’s not making money! Of course, if you are a bookie you are in this business to make money and the bottom line is your number once concern. There is a difference between your number one responsibility and your number one concern, it’s the client. You can’t get around this and you shouldn’t want to get around it. If you care at all about making money, then your client will be your number one priority. If you focus on making your clients happy, they will come back to you, even when they lose. If they appreciate what you offer them, they will talk, and your best friend as a bookie – is word of mouth. Never take your client for granted and they will speak highly of you, and they will grow your business. 

It’s been said “the house always wins”

 In the online sportsbook business we know this is not true, it’s not true online, and it’s not true in Vegas, the house does not always win. However, in order for the bettor to win, they must beat you at least 52-54% of the time, and that’s just to beat the juice. In order to earn any kind of real profit, they must beat you more than 54% of the time.

  • Let’s keep it real, we are not here to blow smoke, what we are here to do is show that making great money is possible through proper sportsbook management
  • An online casino is a huge asset to your business and you should have one. The casino is a cash cow that generates huge revenue. Of course, there are losses here and there, every casino takes them, however, the winnings are consistently much more than the losses. 

Online sportsbooks run a tight margin, what are you doing to keep the advantage?

  • Sportsbooks always run a tightly wound margin, the profits can be great, and the losses can be big. If you are going to operate an online sportsbook, then you must learn how to adjust numbers in your favor. You must become a line setter—and odds maker. 

*Most folks do not have the kind of time that it takes to become and odds maker. You are probably busy with life! That happens. Even bookies are busy with other things beyond sports gambling. There is one very lucrative way to stay ahead of your client and stay on the plus side of the ledger…

A Pay Per Head

*If you are not using a pay per then you must check out the benefits of using one and how it can grow your business into a roaring, cash generating, machine.

What is a Pay Per Head?

You may or may not have heard of a pay per head, if you have not, then by all means, take a moment and be informed as to how you can finally make serious cash as a bookie

  • Think of one of the many huge online sportsbooks that you have the ability to Google right now; do you want that for your clients? You should, because guess what? In the time that it took to read this, your client could have clicked the mouse and deposited with them, your competition. 

*You must swing the advantage in your favor.

  • It matters not if you have one client, or 3,000. 
  • You will pay the same nominal fee for each player with 1 client, as you do several clients. They even offer a group rate! If you have many clients, the price per head can be lowered. 

*The pay per head will help you set lines and odds. You do not need the experience or know-how of a lifetime oddsmaker, or lines mover. You simply need a mouse, and the working knowledge of a computer. The pay per head service does all of the work for you

If you want a clear-cut advantage over your players, then you must find bookie software that will allow you that advantage. Find a great pay per head service and stop going this process alone. There is a ton of money to be made if you want to make it.