The Decision Making Process For Finding The Right Pay Per Head Service

The continual growth and expansion of the online sports betting industry is being fueled by big commercial online sportsbooks. However, the lion’s share of this market still belongs to the private bookmaker catering to a select clientele.

Today’s avid sports bettor is looking for a higher level of customer service and personal attention to individual betting accounts that the big online books will never be able to provide. This has further opened the door to a lucrative business opportunity running and managing your own independent sportsbook.

Given the low-cost barrier to entry, all you need to get started is some active betting customers and enough cash reserves to cover all the weekly betting action taken in. As your fledgling business grows, the first big expansion is adding the right pay per head bookie services provider to take your business online.

When you are only dealing with a handful of customers placing basic straight bets on the top games of the week, you can probably manage things with a basic accounting program. If you are serious about taking things to the next level, you need the help of a professional bookie services pay per head site.

What Does a Pay Per Head Site Do?

Pay per head services can take your business online with a sophisticated sports betting software package. While the actual bookie software platform remains rather standard across the online sports betting industry, it is a major understatement to say that all PPH services are created equal.

There are hundreds of sites offering private bookie services these days based on a weekly per head cost for each of your active betting customers. Some are clearly better than others and there is a select group made up of the “best of the best”.

Bookie software services are not something you can afford to skimp on. Signing on with a cut-rate plan based on low per head fees will result in a cut-rate service that is not worth the trouble it will cause.

You need a reliable and secure pay per head provider that can guarantee safe and consistent online service on a round-the-clock basis. You also need a PPH service that offers a bookie software solutions package that meets all of your business needs.

How Do I Find The Right PPH Service?

Whether you are just starting up or looking to upgrade the current service you use, finding the right PPH service will be one of the biggest business decisions you will have to make. That is why making the right decision the first time should be the highest priority in the process.

As mentioned, shopping for a pay per head site on per head fees alone is a recipe for disaster. Your focus should be on the features and benefits in the plan and how they matchup up with your particular business needs.

Another important consideration is can this PPH service expand their features and benefits to meet any future needs.

It takes time and effort along with personal due diligence to perform a thorough search for the right bookie services plan. Once you narrow down the possible sites into a short list, look for an extended free trial that lets you take what they have to offer for a thorough test drive.

This way, you can a very good feel for important attributes such as:

  • Easy site navigation
  • Effective player management tools
  • Easy access to sharp betting lines
  • Ability to create an impactful online business presence
  • Overall business support

An extended free trial with no further obligation is another good way to determine if this particular PPH service is a good fit with your overall business plan.