The FIFA World Cup Knockout Stage Predictions

After the group stages, the 32 teams will be reduced to 16. The top two nations with the most points in their respective groups will make it to the knockout stages. Undoubtedly, as the competition gets closer to the end, it will be more difficult to predict who will win because we will only be left with the best teams.

As we look forward to the group games kicking off and teams fighting for three points in each of their matches throughout this stage, we want to give you our knockout stage predictions. We are basing our FIFA World Cup Knockout predictions on how we expect the teams to perform in the competition. So, let’s get into it.

Round of 16 Picks

The round of 16 will consist of the top two teams in their respective groups. The goal for each team would be to get at least six points to secure one of the top two spots. It won’t be an easy feat, but below are our predictions for the teams to finish in the top two spots of their respective groups.

●Group A: Netherlands and Senegal
●Group B: England and Wales
●Group C: Argentina and Mexico
●Group D: France and Denmark
●Group E: Germany and Spain
●Group F: Belgium and Canada
●Group G: Brazil and Switzerland
●Group H: Uruguay and Portugal

We expect these 16 teams to face off in the first round of the knockout rounds. And after that, eight teams will make it to the next round.

Quarter Finals Picks

For the Quarterfinals, we expect eight teams to make it from the round of 16. In that case, we can’t tell how they would be paired, primarily since the pairing would be based on how the teams finish in their respective groups. However, based on our predictions, we think the following teams will make it to the quarterfinals:


These eight nations will face off in the following rounds, and the winners will make it into the final four that will get the chance to play for the title and third-place medal.

The Semifinals and Finals Picks

Getting into the semifinals would be a tough one for the teams because there would be massive competition in the semifinals. So, we’re looking forward to this stage of the competition. As we wait, our picks for the last four would be France, England, Brazil, and Argentina.

Depending on how they are paired for the semifinal matches, the two teams we think can make it to the final are Argentina and England if they are not paired in the round. Finally, we think Argentina would win the competition based on their current form and incredible teamwork.

Our Thoughts

The FIFA World Cup will be an exciting competition that every team would want to win. None of the nations involved will have a smooth ride to the title. So, they would have to work hard to get as far as possible and become world champions.