The Kentucky Derby Is Right Around the Corner

The Kentucky Derby is an annual horse racing event and the first race in the annual Triple Crown series. It is one of the most popular events in the world, attracting a lot of viewership and betting.

Most people also refer to this race as the most exciting two minutes event in sports. Although it takes two minutes to determine the best horse and jockey in the race, preparations for the event take months.

If you are planning to offer bets for the event, you should start preparing now. Start by knowing the facts and other details about the Kentucky Derby. Here is how to get started.

Know the Kentucky Derby Bets You Can Offer

Bettors look forward to several bets in a sportsbook to wager on their favorite jockey and horse. The first most popular bet is a win. This bet is placed on the equine athlete that a bettor believes will win the race.

The second popular bet is place, which is placed on a horse believed to finish in the top two places. Then there is show, which is placed on a horse to finish in the top three places.

Experienced bettors are more specific in their betting. They wager on the winning horses in a specific order. For instance, suppose Forte, Champions Dream, Litigate, and Instant Coffee are appearing in the upcoming Kentucky Derby.

An experienced bettor will rely on some data to predict which horse will complete the race at the top position, second, third, and fourth. This type of bet is called exacta.

Another similar bet to exacta is the trifecta. This bet allows the bettor to wager on the horses that will finish first, second, and third. You do not have to choose the order in which these horses will take their positions.

Win-Place-Show bets are simple bets. You can easily encourage newbies to wager on these. Notably, these bets do not yield high payouts.

You want to attract both novices and experienced bettors to your platform. Therefore, it is crucial to offer exacta and trifecta bets too.

These yield a high payout. Fortunately, you can set the payout limits.

RealBookies Will Help You Set-Up

The Kentucky Derby happens every first Saturday of May at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Bluegrass State. Over 35 American states can wager on the event.

Ideally, players can wager on the event from anywhere as long as they can access your pay per head bookie. Contact RealBookies to help you set up your racebook and display odds for the upcoming Kentucky Derby event.