In terms of sheer enthusiasm, there might not be another town quite like Boston in the entire country.

And that enthusiasm has unquestionably been rewarded.

You don’t have to go too far back to find championships in all four major sports, and the leadership in place indicates that there is going to be success projecting into the future.

There is tradition; there is a populace with roots, and there is a load of coverage, which all adds up to a possible windfall for you as a bookie in Beantown, especially if you are able to use Real Bookies’ PPH software, which enables you to get out there and find customers without the burden of overhead or staff.

The Sox

The long struggle of the Red Sox, going up against the “Curse of the Bambino” has been one of the things that has added both a sense of romance and whole lot of frustration to the fan base.

  • Even with the likes of Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, Jim Rice, Joe Cronin, Jimmie Foxx, Bobby Doerr, Roger Clemens and many others, there were no world titles going back to 1918; that is, until 2004, when the team rallied from the brink of elimination to win the AL pennant, followed by a sweep in the World Series. Since then, there have been three more World Series championships.
  • Don’t make any mistake about the fact that you are going to have considerable baseball action if you are in the Boston area. And you are going to see a spike in that action when the Red Sox and Yankees meet up. That is not only the most intense rivalry in Major League Baseball, but it may be the most heated in all of pro sports. They would hit each other with baseball bats if they could.

Winning Traditions – Pats. Celtics, Bruins

  • The New England Patriots have been a model of excellence, with nine Super Bowl appearances, including six championships, during the respective tenures of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.
  • In terms of basketball, this is, of course, the past home of Bill Russell, John Havlicek, Red Auerbach, Bob Cousy, Sam Jones, Larry Bird, Dave Cowens and others who have been part of the Boston Celtics’ tradition of championships. At one point this franchise won the NBA Finals eleven times in thirteen years.
  • Yes, the atmosphere has changed a bit, as the venerable Boston Garden, which had no air conditioning, was replaced by the TD Garden, which is a more comfortable place for fans. It is also the home of the Boston Bruins, an “Original Six” NHL team that had greats like Phil Esposito and the incomparable Bobby Orr in Stanley Cup-winning efforts in 1970 and 1972, then ended a drought of 38 seasons with a title in 2011.

Those Boston “Institutions”

What we’re saying is that there is no place in the United States where the pulse is beating faster than in Boston. There is no place where tradition meets the “here and now” quite like it.

  • It is still a two-newspaper town, with the Herald and Globe, and since everybody knows that sports sells newspapers, it is a reflection of how maniacal the interest can be. Some of the more respected writers of recent years have established themselves in this town – the likes of Peter Gammons, Bob Ryan, Dan Shaughnessy, Will McDonough, Jackie McMullen – honestly, we could go on and on and on. And then, of course, there is notorious radio talk show host Eddie Andelman, who is nothing less than a Boston institution.

And that is the magic word here – institutions. That’s what serves this Boston market (pardon the pun). Fans have been a rabid bunch, lasting from one generation to another to another and so on, and some of those fans are sports bettors. This is something you have to capitalize on.

Beantowners Can Be Sharp Cookies

Along the way, however, be careful, because you’ll probably run into more savvy bettors per square mile in this place than anywhere else. This is the kind of situation the Price Per Head (PPH) model was built for, as you can exercise so much in the way of player management controls, which are all at your fingertips with the setup furnished by Real Bookies.

  • If you are going to find fanatics here, you are going to find people who KNOW the sports, KNOW the local teams, and are willing to put their money where their mouth is. So always keep in mind that if you want to move a number, or take a game off the board, you have the latitude to do that manually. If Tom Brady’s shoulder is killing him, and you’re not sure he’s going to make post, don’t be shy about limiting action on that game or taking it down entirely until you know as much as your customers what his status is. That’s a way you can avoid leaving yourself open to too much exposure.

If you do that, though, you are well on your way to being super-successful in this sports paradise – with the help of Real Bookies!