The state of New Jersey often takes a lot of abuse, as do the people who live there. But that usually comes from folks who have never spent any appreciable amount of time there.

The Garden State is actually a rather scenic place, with a number of different lifestyles available, depending on what you like.

For example, there are a lot of professionals who work in Manhattan and live in the North Jersey suburbs, since it’s just a matter of a few miles out the Lincoln or Holland tunnels, or the George Washington Bridge.

Then, of course, there is the Jersey Shore, which isn’t too far from the “city” either. And in the southern part of the state is Atlantic City, which has had something of an up-and-down existence with its casinos.

New Jersey led the charge when it came to overturning the federal law that prohibited states from making their own decisions about legalizing sportsbooks. So they have established their own. And there is also internet betting in the state.

How Does This Affect You As a Private Bookie?

  • When you look at the offerings that are available through online casino gambling and sports betting now regulated in the state of New Jersey, you’ll see that they don’t necessarily give customers a full gamut of choices and may not offer as much value.
  • Well, if you are using the PPH software from Real Bookies, you are going to be in a position where you can offer a full sportsbook, with all kinds of exotic wagers, propositions, futures and so forth, on top of everything else, along with a full racebook and casino, if that is the way you wish to go. You’re going to be rendering your clientele a fuller experience, along with personalized service, and you’re giving them the chance to play on credit.
  • As a result, you’re going to have a chance to take advantage of drawing from a group that is conditioned to be in a gambling atmosphere, and can read about it all the time when they pick up the New York Post, New York Daily News or Newark Star-Ledger.

New York – or New Jersey?

  • There is no escaping the fact that while you can have a clientele that is from New Jersey, you’re still going to have a certain amount of “bleed-over” from that and New York, simply because if you are in the northern New Jersey area in particular, you’re part of the New York media market, which means New York TV and radio stations. There are even New York teams in New Jersey.
  • We’re talking about the Jets and Giants, of course, who play in the Meadowlands, as well as the New York Red Bulls, who compete in Major League Soccer and play in a sparkling soccer venue in Harrison.
  • With the move of the Nets to Brooklyn, the only team in the four majors which really calls itself “New Jersey” is the Devils, who are now in the Prudential Center in Newark.
  • The point is, you are going to find a similar sensibility in the sports bettors in New Jersey than you will find in New York, which means that you will likely to encounter more sharp players on average than you would in another market. In order to manage your “exposure” and operate most profitably, you can access all kinds of tools in the “back end” of your PPH software suite, which includes the ability to move lines to your liking and govern the limits at which certain customers can play. And that is very useful.

There’s South Jersey Too

  • When we say “New Jersey,” what is kind of unique, for a state that is so small in area (ranked 47th in the nation) is that it bumps up against not one, but two major markets. We’ve talked about New York, but don’t forget that Philadelphia is also right across a river from the Garden State. That would be near the area known as South Jersey, and it serves as a major feeder market for Atlantic City.
  • So we did not want to neglect those bookies who are operating in that area as well, because you may find loyalists for either the Giants/Jets or Eagles; the Knicks/Nets; the Devils/Rangers/Islanders or the Flyers. Players tend to have a little bias toward the teams they have the most exposure to – or they might have a strong bias against them, since a lot of this involves a love/hate relationship. You’d like to see players like this, because they are more predictable. And thankfully, you are going to have the tools at your disposal, through the “Player Management” from Real Bookies, to so whatever is necessary to maximize your profits!