The Strength is in The Numbers With Real Bookies

One of the best aspects of running and managing your own independent sportsbook as a private bookie is the ability to basically hand pick your customer base. You can develop a clear and concise approach to targeting the type of sports bettor that best meets your business needs.

Some bookies prefer to work with recreational sports bettors that tend to be rather consistent and predictable with their weekly betting habits. Other bookies are always looking for the high rollers more interested in a higher level of customer service and personal attention to their betting account. A combination of both is probably the best way to go.

Once you contract a pay per head site for all your online sports betting software needs, one of your jobs is to enhance bottom-line net profit is to maximize the value. This mainly pertains to the value in the weekly per head fees you pay for each active bettor. This is where Real Bookies steps in.

This pay per site has been working side by side with bookie agents for more than two decades. Not only are they pioneers in the pay per head industry, they have acted as true innovators with their proprietary software solutions.

Why Real Bookies Fits The Bill

Experience and expertise are two cornerstones of any successful business. Another is superior customer service along with consistency. Real Bookies prides themselves for excelling in all four of these areas. Owned and operated by online sports betting experts, they understand exactly what it takes to be successful in a highly competitive business environment.

From account managers, IT technicians, in-house betting experts and a trained and experienced customer service team, the staff at Real Bookies have demonstrated a high level of professionalism in everything they do. This is the type of business support that every private bookie needs to reach and exceed any set goals.

There is strength in numbers with Real Bookies helping thousands of bookie agents just like you. They assume the role of a silent business partner that keeps you best interests top of mind. Their continued success in a highly competitive business environment hinges on the short-term and long-term success of the bookie agents they serve.
You do not stick around for two decades and keep going strong without doing quite a few things extremely well.

How Real Bookies Fit The Bill

Now that you know why Real Bookies fits the bill through their strength in numbers, here are a few of the main reasons how they will work for you:

  • Instant setup for individual account profiles
  • Real time access to vital business analytics
  • A full complement of online betting revenue streams
  • An advanced mobile interface for smartphones and tablets
  • Sharp betting lines for 80 different sports leagues

This is just the short list of features and benefits included in a low, weekly per head fee for active betting customers. This comprehensive online betting software solutions package has been described as “Professional Bookie Services for Professional Bookmakers.”

Finding the right pay per head site to meet all of your business needs is one of the most important business decisions you will ever have to make. Getting it right the first time with Real Bookies will prove to be one of the best business decisions you will have ever made.